Career Counseling and Career Advice

In which manner Career Counseling and Career Advice are Similar?

Career counseling is quintessentially, counseling that focuses on choosing a career, career planning, facing career related change etc. Career advices on the other hand are advices that can help you plan your career. The differences between these two are many. First of all career advice are typically one way; i.e. they are given to you without any major input from your side. Career counseling on the other hand usually involves various psychological and aptitude tests, personal discussions etc. Career advices are also available on the internet and in many books as well. Such advices are not targeted at you specifically but are general purpose and suited for most people.

Although there are differences, career advices and career counseling are very similar in many ways. Let's take a closer look at the similarities between career advice and career counseling:

Overall we see that although career advice and career counseling are very different things, there are similarities between them as well. In general career counseling is appropriate when the decision you are planning to take is of major importance and simple career advice does not seem effective.

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