Career Transition and Career Advice

Importance of Career Advice while Career Transition

Career transition which can be voluntary or involuntary can be a major decision and good career advice is very important in this period. The voluntary career transition can be because you are getting a better offer elsewhere or due to lack of job satisfaction.

The first step in the case of voluntary career transition is deciding to change the job or career. Career advice can help you solve the problems that you are having at your work place which may increase job satisfaction and in turn preclude the need for the career change entirely. Alternatively career advice can help you negotiate a better salary. This part would be helpful to you, even if you decide to make the career change after all.

If you have decided about making the career change then the career advice can help you choose a new field. There are several psychological and aptitude tests that a career adviser can use to determine the right career line and job profile for you.

Everyone has some strengths and weaknesses that make them more or less suitable for certain kind of jobs. Career advice can help you recognize these strengths and weaknesses and suggest the right career path for you. This will also help you in your career in general, as once known; you can compensate for your weaknesses and take full advantage of your strengths.

Once you have decided to make a career change and picked a new career or job, it is best that prepare for that particular career or job before leaving your current one. Career advice can help you prepare for your new career by suggesting part time courses, jobs, volunteer work etc that are best suited to prepare you for your new career or job. This way you do not start at the bottom in your new career and this significantly minimizes the negative impacts of the career change.

When considering career change one important thing to consider is the transferable skills that you have. Career advice can help you identify and market these transferable skills, such as communication skill, conflict resolution skills, leader ship skills, basic computer knowledge etc. Career advice will also help you identify the job most suited for you in light of your transferable skills.

Most career lines have their own conventions and priorities. For example the resume of a software engineer should be much different from that of a accountant. For making a smooth career transition a person must modify his resume accordingly and change his priorities as well. Career advice related to resume writing can help you write an effective and appropriate resume for your new job application.

Career advice can also help you prepare for and face the job interviews for your new job. You can find career advice about the expected interview questions, whether personal, behavioral or technical, and how to answer them. You should not rely on these completely and prepare your own individual answers as far as possible, but they can give you a solid idea of what to face in the job selection process.

In case of involuntary career transition the career advice can be even more valuable. Career advice can help you present the situation in a way that is most advantageous or in any case, least damaging to your job prospects.

Overall we see that the career advice can be very important during career transition. This can help you by identifying the required skills for your new career, in developing those skills, in preparing for and facing the job interview, in marketing yourself and also, in case of involuntary termination and / or career gap, in presenting the situation in ways that is most beneficial to you.

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