Necessity of Career Advice

Why Career Advice is Necessary in the Present Era?

Career advices help us make important career decisions and avoid costly and time consuming mistakes. Although career advices have always been important in the recent years they have become all but necessary.

One of the main reasons is the rapidly changing landscape of the job market. The time of lifelong job and careers is becoming a thing of history. More and more people either changing their jobs and careers as they see better opportunities elsewhere or are forced to do so because of being laid off or fired. The jobs in many established sectors are reducing while there are sectors that do not have enough work force. All this results in large number of job and career changes. But even in normal situation when job market is relatively stable a career or job change requires good professional career advice. In today's volatile job market this has become essential if a person wishes to advance in a career and desires some job stability.

Although many people talk about transferable skills that are useful across different careers these are even partially true only for either completely non technical positions or for lower and middle lower positions. Even moderately well paying positions require either specialized technical knowledge or good knowledge and experience of the industry. Good career advice can help you get started in your new career by providing you with advance warning of the things that you will likely face.

In today's information technology world, total number of jobs may go up or down, the number of job alternatives or types of jobs that there are has kept on increasing. The difficulty in selecting the career line best suited to a person has increased with the number of job options. Without good career advice it's hard enough to know what your career options are; let alone choosing the best suitable ones.

Rapidly changing technology also changes the required job skills. Good career advice can guide you through these changes as well. Without the guidance of career advice you are flying blind and can be easily swept aside by a change in technology that can make your knowledge irrelevant and you unemployed.

One more factor that makes the career advice necessary is the high level of job competition. This competition means that in order to get a good job or any job at all, you'll need every edge and help you can get. Career advice can provide you with that extra something that you'll need to come ahead in today's job market. The employment agencies that used to be helpful once upon a time is now a days either acts more like an extension of company's HR branch or are in the plain and simple business of fleecing their clients. In such a dog eat dog world good career advice can prepare you ahead of the time and give help you direct your career in the safe direction.

Overall we see that although the career advice has always been important for a successful career; it has become all but necessary in the present era of changing market, increased competition, a much larger range of jobs and skills required for these jobs.

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