Rely on Career Advice

How much should one Rely on Career Advice?

Career advices can be very helpful in your career. They can help you take important decisions, boost your confidence, improve your performance etc. But as the matters affected by the career advice are of vast importance to a person, the question arises that how much you should rely of career advice?

This would depend on two major texts. First what kind of career advices are we talking about; i.e. where is it coming from? And the second is what the career advice is about. Let's take a closer look at both of these factors.

Type of Career Advice
Career advice can be generic; such as those found on internet or in books or individualized; i.e. those targeted at a certain individual such as those given by a career consultant.

The generic career advices can be found on the internet. There are career advices available for many differing situations. Although, not specifically targeted at a particular individual they can be helpful in a person's career. The challenge is to find the advices that are appropriate to your situation and even more importantly to recognize them. You should consider them carefully but should not rely on them excessively. Understand what they say and than make up your own mind.

The other kind of career advice is the individualized career advice. These are given by professionals at least those that claim to be professional and are specifically tailored for you. The actual content of these advices could be similar to those of generic career advices. When deciding on how much you should rely on these advices you should consider following things:

The Subject
Besides the type and source of the career advice there is also the matter of what the advice is about. Let's look at the common topics that are addressed by career advices and consider them in some details:

There is a lot more that can be said for relying or not relying on career advice or how much one should rely on career advice, but when all is said and done you'll be the one paying the price of the decisions and not the advisor. You should consider the advices; judge their merit as impartially as you can, and make up your own mind about whether to rely on them or not.

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