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In this day, when jobs are meager and competition is boiling, a resume cover letter acts as a beacon for the jobseekers. It helps them to add or write what isn't possible to do so in the resume. In fact, writing this one-page document is an opportunity to showcase your personality to the probable employers. A well-crafted document provides a guided tour to the readers on the candidate has reached to this stage of his or her career. Moreover, it helps in instilling an urge in the readers' mind to meet the candidate. Above all, the resume cover letter is the only way to excite the readers for reading your resume.

Why a Cover Letter is important

Most of the candidates when applying for a job avoid writing a cover letter thinking that the hiring managers are too busy to read it. They also believe that when a resume is sent, there is no need to send a cover letter. However, that's not the case. In fact, many hiring managers love to read it. It is the only way through which they can get your introduction. Moreover, it also makes them fill with admiration for you because of the efforts taken in drafting it. It may even happen that your resume may get read only because it is accompanied by a cover letter. So drafting and sending it with the resume is must to get a call for an interview.

What should go in a Cover Letter?

When drafting a cover letter, treat it like a summary of your career. Since it has to be one-page in length, you shouldn't try to fit every single detail of your career in it. On the contrary, it should introduce you professionally, and try to persuade the readers about the values you can add to their organizations.

There are four important things that must be included in the cover letter such as:

By emphasizing these four things, you can convince the readers that you are the one they are looking for. To be specific in relaying information, refer to the job requirements.

Show, don't tell

By mere saying that you are an expert in solving problems will not convince the readers. Rather, show them how you can do it using your experience. When you take some efforts in researching about the company, you will definitely find a couple of issues they are facing with. Consider their problems as an advantage for you and show them how you can solve it. Remember, companies want people with practical skills and experience, and not someone who is good in theory. By being practical in showcasing how your skills can help them overcome their problems, you can fetch an interview for sure.

Don't just copy a cover letter sample

There are tons of cover letter samples on the Internet. Just copying and using any one of those samples will create a bad impression of you. No matter how cleverly you have copied and made some changes in the cover letter, the readers would recognize it easily since they read at least ten to twenty cover letters daily. Such practice will project you as a dishonest person, and your job application will be discarded right away. The hiring manager will not give you any further chance because of you not being dependable.

So instead of copying and pasting a cover letter, try to personalize it. Read any cover letter sample and try to understand its content, flow, tone, and voice. Analyze if it is relevant to your job industry. Remember, there is no harm in copying, but getting caught definitely is.

Include a call to action

Since you're selling your skills and experience, adding a sales pitch at the end of the cover letter is necessary. So don't shy away from including a call to action. But don't be impolite when doing so. Being polite and confident can certainly make an impression. So instead of writing "I am waiting eagerly for your call,"be bold and ask when to contact them. Professional wordings like "Is it convenient for you if I make a call after two days, i.e. Friday at 10 am to check the status of my job application?" When the readers see you as a professional, confident, and polite person, they will surely answer your request.

Don't forget to proofread your cover letter

There is no perfect cover letter until it is proofread, and all the grammatical and spelling errors are corrected. Even though you're confident about your writing skills, don't take any chance. Many expert writers read their writings twice before publishing. If you are bored about reading the cover letter, get a favor from your friend or a family member.

In this website, we've written tons of cover letter samples for all types of job disciplines. You are free to copy and modify matching your job profile.

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