Conducting Interview

Tips to Conduct a Successful Interview

In most of the cases people are being interviewed and occasions where people are conducting interviews are faint. Still it might happen that you will get a job that will also include the task of interviewing applicants and in case you haven't really done this before you might need some guidance. In this article I am going to present some aspects of an interview and the tips that could be used in order to have a successful interview.

Before the interview you should make sure that you are prepared. You should think about a location for the interview that would be suitable; there should be as little distraction as possible. Distraction means any noise or light and you should also make sure that the respondent is also comfortable. In most cases the respondents might feel more comfortable in a known place, like their home, workplace or any other place that they are familiar with.

When you get to the point that you actually have to take the interview, when you meet the applicant, there are some things that you should keep in mind. In case you are using a tape recorder you should check it a few times to make sure that it is still working. It is also important to remember to ask only one question at a time so that the other person will be able to concentrate on the question you've asked. Although at some point you might express emotions, the best thing is to try to remain neutral. You shouldn't give the other person the feeling that you have heard his or her answer many times before. Although you should be neutral, in some cases it is best to encourage the responses with nods of the head or verbal encouragement.

It is very common for the interviewers to take notes, but you should be careful about how to do this. You shouldn't jump to take a note, because this might mean that the answer you heard is very interesting or very advantageous for the other person and this might influence the future answers. In case there are several major topics (as it is usually) you should provide some kind of transition between them, for example by saying that up to that point you have been talking about a certain topic and that now you will be moving to another one. A very important thing about conducting interview is that you shouldn't lose control of the interview. This might happen in case the respondent starts talking about a topic other than the one you have been asking about, or he or she takes too much time for answering the questions and the time runs out. Another possibility might be that the respondent starts asking questions and you should know how to handle such cases.

If you keep in mind these tips I am sure you will have successful interviews.

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