Does Your Attire Suite You

Does Your Attire Suite You as per the Resume

Your resume and your attire should go hand in hand. If your resume is good and your attire is not, you could be sent back home and if your resume is not good and your attire is perfect, then you won't be called for an interview in first place. So, it is essential for you to keep your resume and attire standardized and presentable. Even after knowing it all, candidates continue being casual about their dressing sense. When I had been for the interview, I came across these candidates who had worn denims with sports shoes and I simply wondered that how these guys are even allowed to enter in. If you have done the same mistake and doubting if it was really a mistake, then read more to clear your doubt "does your attire suites you as per the resume?"

Formal Attire with Formal Document

I believe you know that your resume needs to be a formal document without any flowery language, conservative approach, irrelevant information and most importantly with a formal language. Same applies when it comes to dressing up for the interview. Your dressing should be as formal as your resume. No traditional, casual and funky outfits. Your attire for the interview should be decently professional. Wearing formal shirts, trousers, skirts and business suits are considered to be formal attire and should be adhered even if you dislike it.

Be Neat and Tidy in Both

Have you ever seen a crumpled resume? If yes then there is nothing worse than it. Your resume needs to be clean without any stains, neat without any scratches and tidy without any mess. Once you are done with a neat and tidy resume, it is your turn to be the same. Your attire needs to be clean without any dirt, neat without any wrinkles and tidy without looking shabby. If only you are able to keep your resume and attire in shape then would be acceptable by the interviewers.

Add up Little and Light Colors

Imagine a resume being colorful. Yes! I can imagine and I can even imagine the interviewer kicking you out of the interview room. Never be unfair to your resume by adding too many colors. A combination of two colors that too the lighter shades can be creative in your resume. Same works for your attire. Do not dress up loud. Look sober and decent. The interviewer should feel like looking at you every time you have a conversation or else you would be badly marked down on the sense of your dressing.

Present Yourself Confidently Like Your Resume

You have already succeeded in showing your confidence in your resume and now it is time to show your confidence in person. Whatever formal attire you are wearing, make sure you are comfortable in it and are able to carry yourself well and confidently. If you are wearing skirt, do not pull it down for covering your legs, if you are wearing high heals, make sure you are able to walk without toggling and if at all you toggle by mistake, you should be able to confidently tackle the situation. If you are not comfortable in your attire, then it shows that you are conscious and this reflects in your interview too as you tend to concentrate more on being conscious. Ignore everything and present yourself positively.

Looks for Marketing

Your resume has won an interview so it has done its job of marketing you. But that's not the end. Like your resume, your attire should be able to sell you. You're dashing attitude, your confident voice and your handsome attire are all a part of a marketing strategy. Hence dress good and look good.

Be Casual out of Office

This point is especially for the candidates who are casual in dressing but serious about working. Do not carry an attitude that its all about how you work. It is also about how to present yourself. You can dress up casually anywhere you want to but out of office. Companies where casual wear is allowed, still follow the rule of being formal at the time of the interview. Therefore understand the importance and try to change your attitude.

Does your attire suites you as per the resume is what you have learnt now and I hope you are able to follow the above guidelines that guide you right.

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