.Net Interview Tips

How to Prepare for .Net Interview?

.Net is a very wide subject to prepare for. Even if you have experience and are good at your job it doesn't mean you'll do well in a .net interview. The main reason of this is you'll use only some sections of the .net in your work and in that too you'll have the assistance of the IDE such as visual studio which you'll have to do without in the interview. Following are some tips that'll help you prepare for the .Net interview.

The interview tips above are in addition to the usual personal interview preparation tips. You should have some knowledge of the company, its mission statement major products, services, competitors, its role in market, future plans etc. You should also have some questions prepared to ask the interview if given an opportunity, as well as answers to the common expected interview questions. .Net interviews are not easy but you should take comfortably as there are hard for other candidates too and with a little hard work and good planning you can significantly improve your chances of getting selected.

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