Gaining Preference while Interview

Is your resume helping you in gaining preference while interview?

Once there were two friends Mr. A and Mr. B who had similar qualifications and were highly experienced. Being equally competent, there was always a sense of competition between them. Once there was a job opening within their field, where both decided to try their luck. Both were confident of their talents and expertise and so were sure of getting selected for the interview. However, Mr. B got received the call for the interview whereas Mr. A did not. In spite of having similar credentials, Mr. B got a preference over Mr. A. Why was that?

Mr. A analyzed his resume with the resume of Mr. B and realized that his resume failed to impress this employer. It do not portray his credentials to the employer well and hence got no recognition or appreciation. They failed to add value to his profile.

Many qualities within a resume make the employer pick yours before anyone elses. Read further to find out if your resume is helping you in gaining preference while interview.


Is your resume presenting those details the recruiter wishes to see? No employer would entertain a resume that does not suit the job requirements. One has to tweak his resume a bit in accord to the job profile. Co-relate your job responsibilities and qualifications with the prospective job demands. This will make the employer feel convinced about the applicant's suitability and efficiency at managing the job. This will help you get short-listed for the job.


A strong, clear and goal oriented objective will help you impress your recruiter. It should bring out the go-getters attitude, and an enthusiasm to learn and adapt to new things. An impressive objective contributes a lot to be selected for the interview.


Strong experience in relevant field is sure to catch the recruiter's attention and help you gain a preference over other candidates. Employers would overlook candidates with experience in diverse fields for a highly experienced candidate. Even if you have little experience duration wise, include the significant responsibilities of the job profile in detail. The responsibilities will become the decisive factor for the recruiter in choosing you.


Along with the qualifications and work experience of the candidate, there are key skills that put him apart from his counterparts. These skills help the applicant in meeting daily target, handling projects, resolving issues and contributing towards the overall growth and development. Hence, stress on them to display yourself as better from others and as someone with different approach towards handling tasks.

Content Categories

Divide your resume contents under appropriate sub headings. Include your personal and professional details under work history, qualifications, achievements and personal details sections. This helps the employer in easy and clear understanding of the resume details. If there is no confusion or ambiguity about the candidate's potentials, he is sure to get a priority over others.

Resume Layout

Use the format that is apt for your job profile and the work profile. The format translates a lot about the applicant to the recruiter. The format is crucial in deciding the flow of the resume and the sections to be highlighted or placed second. The applicants, who put up experiences at the beginning, would get a preference in case of a managerial job. On the other hand, lower level jobs or creative jobs would require candidates with youthful and innovative ideas. Hence, student resumes with stress on qualifications would get a preference.

Include the given tips and guidelines within your resume to help gain preference in the interview. Do not let your credentials fall short of recognition and appreciation. Make an effective resume that brings out your qualities impressively and stand out smart among the crowd.

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