Interview Tips for Technical Round

Interview Tips for Presenting Yourself Best in the Technical Round

Technical round of interview comes usually after a screening round by HR personal and the final selection of the candidate depends largely on the result of this interview. Following are some interview tips for presenting yourself best in the technical round.

Appearance involves your dress, personal grooming etc. Dress conservatively and in formal clothes unless casual dressing is specifically mentioned. You should have a clean shave and conservative hair style as well. Be careful that you wear matching clothes, and shoes.

Never be late for an interview. Ideally arrive at least 5 minutes before appointed time but not more than 10 minutes. 5 minutes allow for time cushion, as there is some time difference in how everyone sets their watches, but more than 10 minutes may put pressure on interviewer if they are not ready for you. It is best to arrive earlier, spend some time in a nearby cafe or shop and enter the building so that you are about 5 minutes early. Also make allowances in your schedule for unexpected delays due to traffic, etc. It is better to have something to read with you which are related to the industry, for example some technological magazine, as you may have to wait.

When you enter the interview room, close the door behind you. Introduce yourself to the interviewer or interviewers using both your first and last name. Wait till invited before taking the seat. When shaking hands be firm but not overly aggressive. Also, maintain eye contact when you are talking to a person.

Body language
Nowadays good communication skills are a requirement for most, if not all the jobs. Body language is a major part of communication skills. Poor body language translates in to poor communication skills in the mind of most of the interviewers. Let's see some of the important points in body language.

Answering Question
Before answering a question make sure you understand clearly. If in doubt, ask for clarification. If asked to solve a problem on paper, be methodical and try to avoid jumping steps. Talk while solving the problem, unless told otherwise, so that the interviewer knows exactly what method you are following to solve it. Stay calm and speak neither too fast nor too slow.

General Tone
Let the interviewer set the tone of the interview, such as formal or casual etc. Make sure you do not act too casual or informal. You should smile but not grin. Also show that you are interested in the job itself, more than in the package or other benefits. Do not act overeager, or as if you need the job badly, even if you do.

Closing part of the interview is even more important then the introduction part. In particular you should ask the interviewer if they have any concern about you ability to do the job. Also you should ask about the next step or what you should do next or how you could contact them for follow-up. This shows that you are interested in the job.

The points mentioned above are just the guidelines. In general you should follow the interviewer's lead. Pay attention to his or her words and body language. Listen to their questions and answer in a calm and confidant manner. Remember that they are conducting this job interview not for charity but because they need an employee, just like you need a job. Do your best to convince them that you can be an ideal employee who will further be an asset to their company. Also, remember that there are other jobs in the market. Pinning all your hopes on a single job offer will have only negative affects on your performance in interview.

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