Interview Winning Resume

Top 10 Tips for an Interview Winning Resume

The recruiting process has two important processes of resume selection and interview round. The resume acts like the voice, personality and appearance of the applicant for the employer. The employer deduces the work capabilities of the applicant based on the information given in the resume. It is a tool of marketing oneself as a capable and competent candidate for the job. Thus, as the resume has direct influence on the interview selection, here are the top 10 tips for the interview winning resume

1) Truthful and Accurate Information

Refrain from including any information that is false or exaggerated. The interviewer is sure to realize the inaccurate details of your resume during the interview. This will forever harm the applicant's chances of gaining the interview call. The resume should display you in the same light as your true credentials are.

2) Customization

Customize the existing resume to suit the requirements and expectations of the recruiter. It is important to draft your qualifications and experiences relevant to that position's duties and responsibilities in order to stand better chance at interview. If the employer cannot relate your previous experiences and qualification with the expected jobs duties, he would not consider such applicant.

3) Strong Experience

The work history becomes the basis for the employer to recruit an applicant. Hence this has to be the most influential section in the resume. Elaborate on the designation, responsibilities handled by you. Try to modify details as per the requirements of the recruiter to emphasize on your suitability towards that position.

4) Action Verbs

Begin the responsibilities section with appropriate verbs that explain your responsibilities accurately. Try to put in your efforts as well as the results within that section to bring out the work done by you impressively. Actions verbs help you emphasize on duties so well that the employer would like to see that applicant handling responsibilities within their organization.

5) Relevant Qualifications

An applicant with quality education from eminent institutes and with high grades will certainly catch the employer's attention more than anything else. In case the applicant has qualifications in relevant fields, the employer is convinced of the expertise and strong knowledge of the applicant in that particular field.

6) Impressive Accomplishments

The accomplishments are the key in convincing the employer of your capacities to deliver performance. They are a proof that your skill, abilities and knowledge can help the organization in its growth and progress. The employer will be more impressed with the improvements initiated by you in your previous organizations than with mere promises of delivering worthwhile performance.

7) Detailing

Pay attention to minute details within your resumes. One could overlook mistakes in presentation and content that could damage your chances of impressing the employer. There could be some mistakes, omissions, misinformation etc within the resume. Hence, keenly observe the small, seemingly insignificant details of the resume and cross check them for correctness.

8) Formatting

Once the contents are written down and put in the right order, applicants need to format the contents with accurate spacing, highlights, alignment and font style. This formatting helps to improve readability of the resume as well as enhance the look of it. This helps to create a positive outlook for the applicant in the mind of the employer and makes his chance better for gaining the interview call.

9) Inclusion of Keywords

Incorporate the significant buzzwords used in your industry within the resume. Buzzwords make your resume look updated and in accord with the industry profile. It also gives the applicants an edge over other resume in case of keyword specific applicant selection.

10) Resume Perception

Read the resume from the employer's perspective to understand his perception about the applicant. The resume should bring out the applicant's personality so well that he is keen on meeting the applicant in person. It should give a professional, goal-oriented and dedicated image of the applicant.

Here are the top 10 tips for an interview winning resume. Follow them to carve out a niche for yourself in the mind of the employer, such that it helps you get the interview call.

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