PHP Interview Tips

Interview Tips for PHP Job

PHP is a widely used, general purpose scripting language. This is especially suited to server side web development. You can easily find PHP interview questions on the internet. The interview tips given here will give you a framework for preparing for a PHP job interview.

The tips above are by no means comprehensive but they provide a good general guideline for your PHP job interview preparation. As the job you are applying for most likely be a technical one, the personal interview should be comparatively easy, as long as you follow the general interview rule. Be professionally dressed and groomed. Arrive on time. Listen carefully to the interviewer and be sure that you fully understand the question or problem before answering. Keep your answers short and simple. Don't answer in yes or no, as the interviewer would like to know your level of knowledge and thought process, but, at the same time, don't elaborate unnecessarily. It's best to give the high points and ask the interviewer if they want a detailed answer. If asked to solve a relatively complex problem talk while solving so the interviewers know how you are solving the problem and how you think.

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