Resume to Ease Interview Round

Things to Specify in the Resume to Ease the Interview Round

Your interview round completely depends on how your resume is. If your resume is bad, you stand no chance of interview. If your resume matches the expectation, you are likely to have an opportunity of an interview and if your resume is exceptionally good, then you are surely going to win the interview round as well. In short, your resume needs to be very good and here are things to specify in the resume to ease the interview round.

Resume Basics is Equal to Interview Basics

  1. Your personal information is a crucial part of your resume and so needs to be mentioned on the top before any other information. At the time of the interview, you should not give a chance to the interviewer to point you out for the personal information not mentioned correctly or is incomplete. So make sure you write your personal information on the top of the first page with your complete name, address, phone number and email address which are the means of contacting you.

  2. Once you write your personal information, you need to mention the objective statement. Your objective statement should not be unnecessarily long and vague. It can be short and precise. The whole purpose of your resume should be covered under the objective statement. When the interviewer questions, you should be able to tell your goal on the basis of the objective written.

  3. You should be very careful about the language you write. Make use of a polite and professional language. Check if there are any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors. It could be very embarrassing if the interviewer picks any language mistakes in your resume. You would not be able to give any explanations, except for fake excuses.

  4. If your length exceeds two pages, then go through your resume again and check if you have mentioned any irrelevant information or used any unnecessary space. Your resume should be so crisp and specific that it does not lets the interviewer to question on exceeding the length.
Fine Points of Resume for Fine Interview

  1. Work experience should always be written in chronological order by which the interviewer comes to know what your current position is. If you write the oldest experience followed by the latest one, the interviewer would have to find for the latest and could lead into confusions which can be upsetting at times. So why take a chance? Latest work experience should always be a priority. Write your work experience in details with company name, designation, period of experience, roles and responsibilities.

  2. Education catalog should also be mentioned in chronological order. Your current education status should be mention first as this gives an idea about your knowledge credentials. Include all details like the college, university or institute name, course, qualification or training name, year of passing and scores obtained. You should not give the interviewer a chance of asking any further details of education as this is counted to be the basics of your career start. However, if you are pursuing any studies at present, then the interviewer may ask the where about.

  3. List down your skills and achievements which are relevant to the job profile, especially the achievements section should be with keywords explaining what, how and when.
Honesty is the Best Interview Policy

  1. Prepare the questions that are generally asked and also the ones which are expected on the basis of the information mentioned in your resume.

  2. Your resume and interview should be truthful. If you try to bluff or give fake information, then you are likely to be asked more questions on it and in the process of hiding one false statement, you will need to tell another lie. This would continue till you reveal the truth. Hence, always be honest.

Now that you have learnt the things to specify in the resume to ease the interview round, include them in your resume and make your interview round easier and interesting moment of your career life.

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