Right Resume Presentation

Tips to Secure Interview with Right Resume Presentation

Resume is the source of being heard and seen by the employer. As it is a common source of communication used by all, you need to make a difference with the resume presentation as well as the content to be noticed from the crowd. Given here are some tips to secure interview with right presentation.

Proofreading and Editing

Each applicant needs to edit the resume a number of times before coming up with the perfect resume. During each proof reading, eliminate the irrelevant details that unnecessarily lengthen the resume. Ensure that each word of the resume is targeted towards the job specifications. Moreover, check the document for any mistakes or omissions that went unnoticed during the first draft. Make certain that every detail within the resume is factual and reflected in true sense (without underestimations or exaggerations)

Appropriate Titles

Give appropriate title for the designations previously handled by you as well as for the position, you are applying. Choose the job titles presently used in the industry. The title should bring out your designation and responsibilities in proper sense. It would be difficult for the employer to understand your profile well if the name confuses him regarding your job position. Refrain from using something too old fashioned or too jazzed up.


An ideal resume is divided into different sections of educational qualifications, experiences, accomplishments and key skills. Mentioning the right credentials under accurate sub headings is important to ensure better understanding of the employer about the qualities of the applicant. For instance, if you include your achievements within the responsibilities section, it would be confusing for the employer to understand your profile well. Moreover, it would lessen the emphasis on your achievements, that otherwise would have added to your chance of being interviewed. Hence, jot down all the points you wish to include in your resume and sort them under accurate headings.


Include all the keywords relevant and considered important within your industry. Many of the employers carry out keyword based procedure to shortlist applicants. Here the mere presence of the keywords within the resume gets you selected for the interview. Hence, research job portals and communicate with other recruiters beforehand to find out the important buzzwords and incorporate them within your resume. At times it is fine, if you have to tweak your resume a bit to include the buzzwords as long as the information is accurate and gets you noticed.

Overall Outlook of the Resume

The overall appearance of the resume should be professional and appealing at the same time. It should make the recruiter lift your resume ahead of anyone else's. Use a crisp, bright white paper of A4 size to print your resume. Print the contents in black ink only. Do not opt for any other colors. Do not include any pictures or photographs in the resume. Leave accurate margins on both sides while aligning and spacing the text accurately. Highlight the titles, buzzwords and headings with bold font, or by underlining.


The font size and font style of the content should be easy to read. There should be accurate readability within the document. A small or flowery font will irritate the employer and affect the process of interpreting the resume rightly.

Less is More

This is one of the most useful tips of resume writing. The resume should not exceed more than 2-3 pages. An employer will never read a lengthy resume and hence may not even consider you for the job opening. Elaborated or exaggerated details within the resume might annoy or bore the employer and make him keep your resume away for good.

The resume contents along with its presentation equally affect your impression on the employer. Hence, follow the given guidelines and tips to secure interview with right presentation.

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