Some Interview Success Tips

Interview these days are quite stressful and uncomfortable and you have to deal with this hiring process. So you need to understand the interview process to manage and control the interview.

Here are 10 interview success tips:

  1. First impressions do count
    Always greet your interviewers with a firm handshake and pleasant smile, make eye contact while you do this. While you are walking from the reception to the interview room, make small talks with the recruiter. Remember that you have to sell yourself, even before you can sell your skills and the initial 30 seconds is the time when the interviewer subconsciously makes all the decisions. He or she will decide whether you will the right fit for the team or not.
  2. Be prepared
    Before the interview, go through the job advert carefully, do your research properly. Go through the website of the company and obtain some literature. You will be asked about the salary you are looking for so ensure that you know exactly how much to expect
  3. Never waffle
    Answer all the questions properly, even if you need few seconds to think and collect your thoughts it is completely alright. It is always better to say that you will need few seconds to think, instead of answering wrong or speaking instantly and later regretting it
  4. Why should you be hired?
    Every job advert will have qualities they are looking for in the candidate like good communicator, team worker and so on. Therefore, it is up to you for thinking of examples of ways through which you can demonstrate your skills. Be prepared to talk about your skills, abilities, knowledge and experience. You must have at least three strong points about yourself, which will relate with the organization and your job offer
  5. Be optimistic
    Your interviewer will be constantly thinking what it would be like to work with you, so the last thing they would want to hear is talking negatively about your boss or colleagues behind their backs. Interviewers will always choose someone who is highly enthusiastic and loves to face challenges
  6. Check your body language
    Always remember it is not what you say, but how you say things. In the interview, never fold your arms and lean back or look towards the floor. Always sit upright and maintain eye contact. Whenever you are trying to make a point, you must lean forward and use your hands. Many people don't have the ability to control their body language and think at the same time, and that is why you have to prepare
  7. Always expect the unexpected
    Most of the times the interviewer will try to catch you off-guard. Therefore, you always have to be relaxed and be in control of what you speak. If you don't understand a particualr question, then ask the interviewer to repeat the question, instead of evading it
  8. Try to make a rapport
    Always show energy, a pleasant smile and positive sense of humor. Most of the researchers believe that being enthusiastic and positive is infectious, so try to be positive. Ask some questions to the interviewers about themselves and any issues that you think that their business is facing
  9. Clarify things that you are unsure of
    If you are not sure about some of the questions, then ask the recruiter for clarifications. Never hesitate to ask when you will be hearing from them next or if you are successful or not
  10. Remember your manners
    Let the interviewer know why you are interested in that organization or job opportunity. Ask for their business card and send a thank you e-mail, stating how much you enjoyed the personal meeting

Just remember the three P's and you will be the candidate that every recruiter would want to hire.

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