Technical Round Interview Tips

How Effective are Technical Round Interview Tips

You can find technical interview tips about most common technologies but how are effective they, we never know. Usually interview tips are written based on some assumption about how the interview would go, what the pattern of the interview would be etc. The more closely the interview adheres to the expected pattern more effective the tips would be. Unfortunately unlike an HR interview the technical interview varies a lot in scope, expected questions, interview methods etc. Considering this diversity the effectiveness of the interview tips are highly in doubts. Before making any final decision about the effectiveness of the technical round interview tips however, let's take a closer look at these tips.

The technical interview tips can be divided in to interview preparation tips and tips about how to face the actual interview. The interview preparation tips in turn can be further divided in to general purpose tips such as those about researching the job and the company before the interview and specific tips about a particular technology or skill.

Overall we see that the effectiveness of the technical round interview tips varies a lot. These are more effective when the actual interview matches and is similar to the scenario considering which the tips were written. These are more effective in parts of the interview which remain similar across different interview and are less so when the part of the interview is unique to a particular job or company. We should always remember that every interview is unique in some way and thus keep an open mind when applying the technical interview tips.

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