Telephone Interview

Get the Invitation to Real Interview through Telephone Interview

A telephone interview is not very different from one face to face, but employers still use this method to pre-test the candidates that are called for a real interview. The candidates' perspectives vary and many of them are tense without reason. You can be the lucky or the perfect one if you know how to turn your cards in your favor and if you put in place a few little tricks that will help.

The big difference between the interviews by telephone and those face to face is that the employer and the interviewee cannot see each other. Secondly, the label for a phone conversation differs from that for a face to face conversation. Here are some tips that will ensure your invitation to a real interview:

It is very important to note that you should be patient and careful. Because you are not face-to-face with your interviewer, the pauses can be embarrassing. The employer may think about a question that may be connected with the preceding one. Be patient, but do not be afraid to post questions if you have any queries, too.

When you are involved into a phone interview, you have to respect some etiquette rules:

Respect these rules and you'll pass well over this task.

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