Things to Avoid During an Interview

Things to Avoid During a Job Interview

When appearing for a job interview, always keep in mind that the first impression is the last impression. Even the smallest mistake on your part can prove to be very costly.

It is a known fact that everyone tries to be on their best behavior while appearing for an interview. However, in our efforts to do everything right and answer questions correctly; we sometimes forget to watch out for the smallest and perhaps the most important things that should never be underestimated.

Here are a few things you must watch out for while appearing for a job interview -

Being Late - Don't be late for the interview. It is OK to show up early.

Cribbing & Complaining - Refrain from saying badly about your previous employer and colleagues. No one wants to listen to someone who only knows how to complain.

Being Nervous and Excessively Negative - The way you conduct yourself says a lot about your personality. Make sure that you are physically as well as mentally present while appearing for your interview. Keep your cool and give it your best shot. And most important - be positive.

Not stating the Facts - In your efforts to make a good impression, never give in to temptations of lying. Answer questions truthfully and be honest about your work experience and qualifications. Don't give false facts.

Going On and On - When the interviewer gives you the chance to speak, stick to what is important. Being over talkative and opinionated can adversely affect your interview. Be a good listener.

Uselessly Trying to be Funny - You might be a funny person and you might enjoy cracking jokes every now and then. Don't do it during your interview. Remember - there is a place and time for everything. Refrain from cracking silly jokes and testing your interviewer's patience.

Being Unaware - Before appearing for any interview, it is good practice to research the Company background and other details. Prepare yourself for obvious questions and do not forget to carry your latest, updated resume and other important papers.

Bad Manners - Don't smoke, don't chew gum and don't pick your nose during an interview. Don't smoke and go for the interview. Don't sit unless you are asked for. Don't make faces during an interview even if you don't like the questions or the place.

Asking About Salary and Benefits - The appropriate time to discuss issues of compensation is when a firm offer is on the table. Don't bring up the topic prematurely. (Some people don't consider this as a bad interview habit.)

Keep in mind the above mentioned thing which are to be avoided during the interview and I am sure it will all go nicely and in your favour. Best of luck for the interview and perform well.

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