Interview Tips to Impress the Selection Jury

Perfect 5 Interview Tips to Impress the Selection Jury

A day back, I received a call from my friend Tina. She announced the good news that she has been called for an interview from an esteemed organization. However, her tone did not match up with her news. Instead of being happy and excited, she sounded nervous and under-confident. On probing her a bit, she said that she feared failing at the interview and losing the opportunity, it offered. On researching, we came up with the perfect 5 interview tips to impress the selection jury. Here are the tips for your assistance

  1. Answering Right

    The success of an interview largely depends on the way the applicants answer the selection jury. It is important to answer a question correctly. Whether it is a personal, technical or analytical question, you need to answer it accurately and factually. A wrong answer can make the employer question your abilities. Be confident and fluent in answering. Any pause or fumbling while answering the question will make the employer view you as an under confident candidate.

  2. Etiquettes

    Etiquettes help in impressing the employer a lot. Moreover, if the applicants are targeting customer service based industry, manners become the basis for recruitment. Hence, be very polite and cordial during the interview. However, do not over do it or else it tends to look artificial. Greet the employer with good morning or good afternoon or hello, depending upon the situation. Seek permission before entering the room and sitting on the chair. Do not start blabbering the moment you sit on the chair. Let the interviewer ask you a question. In case you do not understand a question, do not shy from asking an explanation. It is better than giving a wrong or vague answer. Do not play with your cell phone, resume copy, coffee cup, your hair or dress. It gives a negative impression. Most importantly, say thank you before you leave the room.

  3. Personality Traits

    The interview is the time to draw the recruiter's attention to your personal attributes. The resume has done its work of putting your qualification and experience in the best light. Therefore, you need to talk with the selection jury member, fluently and aptly for getting selected. It helps to bring your qualities of communication. Be a good listener. Understand completely what the employer has asked you and what he expects in an answer. Often listening and not talking is effective in a conversation. Reach the venue on time. Punctuality is one quality every employer would love to see in his candidate. Dress smartly. The employer should feel confident in presenting you as the face of the organization.

  4. Uniqueness

    The interview should leave a positive mark of the applicant on the employer. Ensure there is one unique quality about the applicant that employer will remember you. This quality will be your identity among the crowd of other applicants. It can be your qualification or your personality trait. A unique identity for yourself will be critical in gaining you the offer.

    P.S: The fifth tip is the most important as it will tell you what not to do at the interview

  5. Interview Don'ts

    Having the wrong approach and attitude towards the interview would turn the situation against you. If the interviewer finds you as a candidate with laid-back attitude and who is confused about his career goals and interest, the interview is over for you there itself. Do not make any jokes that will hurt anybody's sentiments during the interview. Refrain from saying anything bad against your earlier employers. Forgetting your resume copy, certifications or employment letters for the interview is a big sin. Fidgeting with your hair, hands or other accessories will put the applicants in bad light.

Tina went to the interview with an optimistic and confident attitude. She impressed the selection jury the most with her perfect 5 interview tips, and won her dream job. Follow the same tips if you want to win yours.

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