Top 10 HR Interview Tips

Top 10 Interview Tips to Remember while going for an HR Round

HR round of interview is an important part of any job selection process. Usually it is conducted before technical or operational interview round and acts as a further screening process. The interview tips given below focus on the things you should keep in mind when going for the HR round of interview.

  1. Appointment
    Make sure that there is no confusion about the time and place of the interview. More than likely you may have applied for multiple jobs and / or companies. Be certain that which company / job the interview is for. Unless the interview is a walk-in, you would have received a mail informing you about the time and place of the interview. Keep a copy of this invitation with you, along with a valid photo ID. Arrive at least 5 minutes before the appointed time. If it looks like you are going to be late, inform your contact about the delay and its reason as soon as possible.
  2. Attire
    Proper attire is an important part of any interview in general and non technical ones in particular. Always dress in formal clothes unless otherwise specified. Choose conservative colors and make sure they match. Your shoes should be formal and polished as well. Pay attention to your personal grooming (clean shave, trimmed nails, combed hair) as well.
  3. Interview
    You should find out about the details of the interview in advance. Such details may include identity of the interviewer, whether the interview is strictly HR or there would be technical questions as well, how long the interview is expected to take, what documents you are expected to bring etc.
  4. Resume
    Bring multiple copies of your resume with you. The resume should be on good quality paper and in good print. Make sure your resume is updated. You should remember all the key points on your resume. Don't expect your resume to do your talking for you. Be prepared to answer any question interviewer ask about points mentioned in your resume.
  5. Job Specifications
    You should be intimately familiar with the job specifications and the skills and qualifications required for it. Based on the job specifications make a list of your strong points that makes you ideal for the job.
  6. Documents
    Bring all the required documents with you. The documents should be prearranged and stored for easy access. Ideally you should bring the original documents as well along with copies of them.
  7. HR Interview Questions
    You should have prepared for the questions commonly asked in a HR interview as well as a list of questions that you'll like to ask them if given an opportunity. When answering questions avoid personal details and focus on the company and the job. The answers should not seem rehearsed or generic, as the interviewer would want to know your answer and not the best answer on the internet. When asking, chose questions that represent your genuine concerns, as well as show your interest in the job and the company.
  8. Notebook
    Bring a notebook with you. You should not rely completely on your memory. Make a list of important points and/or concerns in the notebook. You should also note the information and points that you would like to remember. Although, excessive use of it is not recommended as it'll distract you from the interview process and interviewer.
  9. HR Interview Objective
    Always keep in mind the objective of the interview, both for yourself as well as for the interviewer. Your objective is to clear this interview and move on to the next round. All other things are secondary concerns. Similarly, the objective of the interviewer is to make sure that you are the right candidate for the job and company and will perform well within the company environment. You should keep both sides in mind when answering questions.
  10. Be Prepared
    Be both mentally and physically prepared for the interview. Go to the washroom and freshen up, drink some water if needed. Keep yourself calm and confident. Don't get nervous, have confidence in your abilities and remember that there would be other and perhaps better jobs if you are not selected for this one. Pinning all your hopes on a single opening or letting yourself get nervous will have only negative effect on your performance in interview. Show your interest in the job and company but don't act desperate. Act as if you want the job, but don't need it, even if you do.

The interview tips listed above are not about how you prepare for the HR interview or how you face the actual interview itself. These are some points you should remember while going for an HR round of interview.

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