Top 10 Personal Interview Tips

Top 10 Interview Tips to Remember While Going for a Personal Round

Personal round of interview focuses on the willingness, suitability and ability of an employee to work within the company. Following are 10 important tips you should remember when going for the personal interview round.

  1. Appointment
    Make sure there is no confusion about the time and place of the interview. Unless the interview is a walk in, you will most likely have received a mail informing you of your selection for interview. Keep a printout of the mail with you. Also, you should know who to contact when you arrive for the interview.

  2. Attire
    Make sure your clothes are clean, ironed and appropriate for the occasion. Unless otherwise specified always wear formal clothing for the interview. The colors should not be too bright or attention drawing. Choose conservative attire.
  3. Resume
    Always bring multiple copies of your latest updated resume. The resume should be printed on good quality paper and should be carried in a way that it's easily accessible.
  4. Documents
    You should keep all your documents along with their multiple copies in a well organized folder. Remember what is stored where, so if you are asked for a particular document you don't have to look through all of it. Additionally, you may have been asked to bring certain documents. Make sure that all such documents are stored together for easy access. Well organized documents show that you are organized, prepared and that you pay attention to details.
  5. Notebook
    Always bring a notebook to the interview. You can use it to remember important points or to make notes during the interview. You may not use it during the interview at all but its better to have it and if you don't need it then don't bring it.
  6. Questions to Expect
    You should have a list of expected questions that you have prepared in advance. Make sure that you review them one more time and have some idea about how to answer them.
  7. Questions to Ask
    Make a list of questions that you'll like to ask the interviewer. You'll be likely asked at the end of interview if you have any questions about the company. Saying that you don't have any makes a bad impression and shows your lake of interest and preparedness. Make sure that the questions are well chosen. In the initial phases of selection process you should focus more on what you can do for the company and not on what the company can do for you. Doing otherwise makes you appear selfish and as someone less concerned and interested in the job and more in package and benefits.
  8. Your Objective
    Know what you want from the interview. If it's a preliminary interview before the technical round, your objective should be to clear it and move on to the technical round. In such case, you should avoid topics of package and show your interest in and enthusiasm for the job. If asked you should say that they are negotiable.

    On the other hand if it's the interview after the technical round you can discuss the package and other benefits. Do not be too greedy but don't sell yourself short either. You should consider your qualifications and experience and how well they match the organization's requirements along with current conditions of the market when asking for a package. It's better to give a range and proceed from their based on the response.

  9. Objective of the interview
    You should also consider the objective of the interviewers and what are they looking for. If it's the initial phase of the selection process, it's to make sure that you are interested in the job and will fit well within the company. In case of the final selection interview it would be, for an offer and finalize the details. You should act accordingly.
  10. Time
    Regardless of all these details, it is essential that you arrive for the interview on time. Make your schedule so as to arrive about 20 minutes before time. This should cover any unexpected delays. If you arrive early wait at some nearby place and then enter the building about 5 minutes before appointed time. Arriving too early may bring inconvenience for the interviewer.

The tips mentioned above do not concern themselves with the preparation of interview or the actual interview itself. These are the things you should remember when leaving for the interview, between preparation and actual interview.

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