Top 5 Personal Interview Tips

Alarming 5 Interview Tips to keep in mind while facing Personal Round

Personal interview is an important part of any job selection process. Following are five alarming interview tips that you should consider when facing a personal interview.

  1. When Answering
    First of all listen before answering. Understand what the interview wants to know. When in doubt, ask for clarification. While answering a question keep your focus strictly on the question. Unspecific or inexact answers lead the interviewer to believe, that either you don't know the answer, or are trying to hide something. If you don't know the answer admit it and say how you would go about finding the right answer instead of trying to talk your way out of the question. Also, be honest but not too much so. Answer asked question honestly but do not disclose your weaknesses unnecessarily. When asked about your weakness, focus on those that are either already remedied or would not affect your job performance. Keep the answers professional and avoid personal details.

  2. Manners
    Every one knows that you should be on your best behavior during interview but most people make mistakes related to etiquettes. You should knock before entering and close the door after entering interview room. If you have a bag, put it beside the chair and not on the table. Wait to be asked before sitting. Look at the interviewer and not at the ceiling or furniture. Some other common mistakes include checking time during interview, not switching off cell phones, bad mouthing your current or previous employer etc.
  3. About Company
    The interview is not for giving you a job but for an employee for the company. You should research the company thoroughly before going for the interview. Think what you can do for the company and not what company can do for you. Try to see the interview from the interviewer's side. Also, show your interest in the job and company and ask questions. Moreover, keep yourself calm and think positively. Interview is a two way process. You should even see if the company is right for you just as the interviewer is seeing, if you are right for the company. If you don't think the job is right for you, be honest and say so, along with your reason. Being selected for a job that doesn't fit you would be undesirable for you, as well as the company.
  4. About Salary
    Never talk about salary until you have been made an offer. In particular never state a certain amount, as you will always be wrong. If the amount is too high the employer would assume that you'll be unwilling or unsatisfied to work for less and hire someone else and if it's low, you won't be offered more. Once the job offer is made, employers do not retract it easily and at this stage you can negotiate and talk about the salary.
  5. Remember
    Last but not the least, you should not pin all your hopes on a single job as this will only increase your nervousness and anxiety and decrease your performance. If you are not selected there would be other and perhaps better opportunities. Also, always remember to ask the interviewer about the next step in the process and once the interview is finished send a follow-up thank you note or email for giving you the opportunity.

The above tips are by no means comprehensive, but they highlight some of the most common mistakes and you should always consider them when you are facing a personal interview.

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