5 Tips for Letter of Recommendation

Top 5 Tips to Write Effective Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation is a strong tool in communicating a candidate's worth. This important document helps you achieve your dreams of gaining jobs or admissions. A reputable person drafts the reference letter where he advocates the candidate's qualities and assures the reader of your capacities. Hence, the opinions made in the letter are more promising and trustworthy. A recommendation letter is very influential in impressing the reader. Hence, to help all the candidates, here are the top 5 tips to write effective letter of recommendation.

  1. Tips to Prepare Oneself before Writing Letter of Recommendation
    Understand the purpose for which you are writing the letter of recommendation. Find out the qualities and the essentials the reader will look forward to in the candidate. Accordingly, match your qualities with the requirements and then draft the letter. Jot down the different qualities and achievements that prove you capable for the position. Never address the letter in any person's name unless asked to do so.
  2. Tips to Choose the Right Referrer
    Select the right candidate for the reference. Depending upon the purpose of the reference, choose the referrer among your previous employers, professors or relatives. It would be better if the referrer boasts of good credentials and designation. It adds to the value and merit of the referrer, which directly affects the candidate's standing in mind of the reader. It is advisable to choose a referrer whom you have directly reported so that he makes an accurate judgment of your profile.
  3. Points to be Included in Letter of Recommendation
    Divide the letter contents in different paragraphs. The opening paragraph introduces the candidate and the referrer to the reader. It includes the basic details like names and designations of the candidate as well as the referrer. Additionally, include details of the nature, participation and duration of their association with each other. The closing paragraph expresses the confidence of the referrer in the candidate and assures the reader of the candidate's potentials. The main body of the letter is divided in 2-3 paragraphs where the referrer emphasizes on the candidate's qualities and capacities. Dedicate one paragraph on those qualities that make him suitable for the position and the other on proving his unique qualities that make him different from the rest. If you are writing the letter in support of your job application, ensure your profile matches with the job requirements. In case of academic reference letter, the letter should prove you as an ambitious, dedicated and passionate towards his field of interest.
  4. Reference Letter Formats
    Draft the reference letter crisp and concise. Restrict the letter length to one page. Usually the letter word count ranges from 400 to 600 words. Mostly, the letter of recommendation is taken on the letterhead of the organization/institute of the referrer. Compile the letter contents into 4-5 paragraphs. While the opening paragraph introduces by stating the basic details, the closing paragraph instills the sense of pride and confidence for the candidate. The main body of the letter talks of the candidate's qualities, potentials and suitability.
  5. Proofread
    Letter of recommendation can change one's career. Hence, proofread the letter for any errors or misstatements before sending it out for concerned people. Be honest in writing about your qualifications. Eliminate any unnecessary details or exaggerated facts from the letter. Draft the letter accurately and update it with the relevant information.

Follow the given top 5 tips to write effective letter of recommendations and attach your final copy with your resume to get your dream job.

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