Areas of Interest in Letter of Recommendation

Tips to Explain the Areas of Interest in Letter of Recommendation

Each reference letter stresses on key credentials of the candidate like their work experiences, qualifications, key skills and achievements. Another aspect of letter that candidates can use to their benefit is the areas of interest section. Most candidates neglect this section, while drafting the reference letter. However, mentioning areas of interest within the reference letter can prove advantageous. Let us see what areas of interest are along with the tips to explain the areas of interest in letter of recommendation.

What are Areas of Interest?

There is a common misconception that area of interest refers to the hobbies or the extracurricular activities that interests the candidate. It is not so. Areas of interest means the area, within the candidate's job profile that interests the candidate the most and where he excels. It refers to the job field where the candidate has maximum experience of working or the area where he wishes to work.

How this Section helps in Reference Letter?

Area of interest denotes the strength of the candidate in particular field. Mentioning area of interest helps to stress on the candidate's strong qualifications or experience in that field. If the perspective job profile includes the same area as key responsibility, the candidate's credentials will fulfill the needs of the recruiter. Secondly, specifying area of interest proves you a specialist in that field. A specialist earns better designation and salary as the employer is keen to put his knowledge and experience into practice. Thus, area of interest section plays a strong role in impressing the recruiter and turning things in your favor.

How to present Areas of Interest in Reference letter?

Highlight your areas of interest as unique ability. If your interest areas include impressive details, you can write an entire paragraph specifying them. Give details of your experiences, skills and qualifications in that area. The letter should stress on your passion and interest towards the field. With a positive and encouraging tone to the language of the letter, the recruiter is sure to find the candidate as most suitable and deserving one for the position.

Following is an example of Letter of Recommendation of Charlie who works as Human Resource Manager and has Recruitment as his Interest Area.

Based on my personal experiences with the candidate, I can confidently recommend Charlie for the position. Charlie is efficient in handling every aspect of human resource department. However, Charlie held keen interest in handling the recruitment process. Charlie's key qualities include excellent communication, observation and analytical skills. Moreover, he is qualified with a Diploma in Personnel Management that has improved his understanding of human psychology and behavioral tendencies. These skills and qualifications, along with 7 years of dedicated work experience in recruitment process make Charlie the most ideal candidate for the position. I trust Charlie to perform his duties efficiently and honestly.

We hope the given information will help you understand areas of interest sections well. These tips will help you know what tips should be included, the presentation and how it benefits the candidate. Include these tips to explain the areas of interest in reference letter and earn an edge over rest of the applicants.

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