Best Features for Letter of Recommendation

List the Best Features for Letter of Recommendation

There are several factors in a reference letter, which attract the attention of the recipient. Along with the core contents of the letter, other factors play a major role in impressing the recipient and influencing their opinion about the candidate. These factors include presentation, format, language, tone etc. Hence, while drafting a reference letter, give equal importance to all the features that affect the effectiveness of the letter. Listed here are the best features for writing letter of recommendation impressively.


The letter content is what defines the letter and gives it a definite purpose. The content is the main feature of any reference letter. The recipient reads the letter contents and makes his opinions about the candidate. The contents notify the recipient about the candidate's strength and work efficiency. Hence, because of such impact and the potential of the letter in making and breaking ones career, the letter contents is regarded as the best feature of reference letter.


The letter of recommendation includes details of the candidate's work history, qualifications, achievements, skills and the eagerness towards the opportunity. All information within the letter must add to the meaning and objective of the letter. Hence, format these contents well, so that the message reaches to the recipients accurately. Gather important details, categorize as per the relevance and present in ideal order to draw recruiter's attention.


Draft the reference letter in simple language. The letter should express the meaning and purpose of drafting the letter clearly to the recipient. No employer would ever read an unprofessional or vaguely written letter. Any confusion in expressing the details regarding the candidate's profile, ambitions or career goals, may harm his chances of getting selected. Language affects the meaning and tone of the letter. Hence, take maximum care to highlight this feature in the letter.


One of the key features of a reference letter is the referrer's approach towards the candidate. The letter should posses a feel good factor that encourages the recipient in knowing about the candidate. The referrer can stress on the feelings of pride and confidence the referrer holds for the candidate. The positive and encouraging approach towards the candidate expresses the referrer's personal interest and willingness in contributing in their careers. This feature makes the employer take the candidate seriously.


The tone of the letter should be positive, enthusiastic, confident and professional. The contents should suggest the referrer's confidence in the candidate's potentials. It should display a sense of pride in recommending the candidate's name for the opportunity. This is the key feature of the letter because the referrer's pleasure in recommending the candidate helps to support the candidate's application.


To stand out in a crowd, you have to be unique. All recipients, whether you are applying for college admission or job opening, receive numerous applications. They have to analyze the negatives and positives in each and then select a few deserving ones. This task can get monotonous after a while. If recruiter comes across a different letter presentation, it is sure to receive their interest and attention. Hence, draft and present the reference letter differently so that the recipient is compelled to pick up and read it prior to anybody else's.

These were the best features of a reference letter. Consider these features while drafting your letter and lay appropriate emphasis on each get noticed by the recruiter.

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