Letter of Recommendation can go wrong

Things that make your Letter of Recommendation go wrong

Drafting a letter of recommendation is a skillful and responsible job. There are different steps involved in writing a recommendation letter. It starts with knowing the purpose of writing the letter, selecting the referrer and seeking his permission, determining the different details to add in the letter and prioritizing them as per the relevance with the purpose. However, at times in spite of following this systematic procedure, one is unable to draft a perfect letter. Hence, to verify if the letter will be effective in its purpose or not, consider the given 5 things that can make your letter of recommendation go wrong. These tips will help you avoid making mistakes in the recommendation letter.

Boastful Attitude

The purpose of the reference letter is to emphasize on the candidate's key points and instill a sense of confidence about his abilities in the mind of the recipient. However, it is important to maintain a polite and modest tone while praising the candidate's qualities. An immodest tone can portray an arrogant and boastful image of the candidate. The recipient may not consider the candidate thinking him to be self-centered. Hence, refrain from using a boastful language in the letter.

Impersonal Form of Writing

Draft the letter in personalized way. A formal tone in the letter displays an impersonal association between the referrer and the candidate. Making the letter crisp and short while suggesting generic qualities of the candidate gives a feeling to the reader that the referrer does not believe in what he says. The letter should stress on the relation between the referrer and the candidate. It should convey to the reader that the referrer personally knows the candidate. Include instances where you have observed the candidate taking responsibilities, tackling problems, leading teams etc.

Improper Formatting

Drafting the letter in improper format can harm the effect of the reference letter. Ensure a steady flow to the letter. Categorize the total information into proper paragraphs and arrange them accurately. Give prominence to your key qualities and strengths with proper examples and references. Accurate formatting displays professionalism. Hence, ensure a proper format for the reference letter.

Lack of Relevance

The key of writing an effective reference letter is to relate its contents towards the purpose of the letter. In case, the reference letter is not relevant to the purpose of drafting the letter, the reader may not be interested in reading it further and considering it. Hence, draft the letter as per the expectations of the reader. The contents should relate to proving you suitable for the position and better than other competing candidates.

Vague Objectives

The letter should have a definite goal. The purpose of sending out the letter should be clear in the format and description of the letter. The letter should clearly bring out the qualities of the candidate that make him an ideal student or employee. A well-drafted reference letter with clear objectives helps to put a positive impression of the candidate. Use powerful words like efficient, observant, reliable, innovative etc to make the letter contents definite.

Each candidate is well aware of the role and importance of letter of recommendation in one's career. Hence, consider the several things listed here, that can make your letter of recommendation go wrong.

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