Importance of Letter of Recommendation

A reference letter is very important in one's career. Every person requires this letter at different stages of their career. This letter holds importance in climbing the career ladder. It is an influential tool of communication that is used to support the candidate's application for a specific purpose. Given below are some of the points that will help the candidates know the importance of letter of recommendation.

Tool of Communication-

Reference letter is a communication tool between the recipient and the applicant. It introduces the candidate to the recipient and lets him know about his qualities and career aspirations. On the other hand, it gives the candidate a platform to seek opportunities and realize their dreams. Hence, it is strong medium of communication for applicants.

To Seek Jobs-

An employment letter of recommendation helps candidates get their dream jobs. A reference letter is used to prove the candidate as a hardworking employee with potential to excel in given task. It gives instances where the candidate has lead project works, handled teams, trained staff members and achieved/exceeded targets successfully. Hence the reference letter helps the job seekers get their dream job.

To Seek Admission in Educational Institutes-

Letter of recommendation helps students get admission into reputed institutes. An academic reference letter is written by professors, headmasters, project heads, department heads. Hence, they give instances of personal experiences where they have observed the candidate's efforts and hard work as a student. They advocate the candidate's love towards their interest subject, their enthusiasm of achieving laurels in it and their efforts to strive hard and be successful etc within the letter. Hence, it helps to prove the candidate as efficient and promising student.

Character Certificate-

Letter of recommendation can be served as a character certificate. It helps to bring out the various personality traits in the candidate. It helps to prove you as a worthy candidate by advocating qualities like sincerity, honesty, dedication, perseverance, hard working etc. Character certificates are required for reasons like loan procedures, medical claims, adoptions, renting apartments etc.

Promotional Tool-

Business organizations use reference letters as a tool to promote their products or services. A professional reviewer or a user writes the reference letter stating the features, uses and advantages of the product/service. This creates a positive outlook of the product/service and helps to increase sales and profits for the organization.

Helpful in Legal Procedures Letter of recommendation can be submitted in case of legal procedures as well. Often in case of divorces, child adoption or property disputes, the court asks for a character certificate from the friends or relatives of the candidate. A letter of recommendation helps to prove the candidate as responsible and capable person. It can assist the candidates get an advantage in court proceedings.

To Win Recognition-

Letter of recommendation helps you win recognition in form of awards and competitions. Certain competitions felicitate achievers from different fields. Along with their competence in their subject, their overall personality and behavior patterns get equal importance in choosing the right candidate. Hence, a letter of recommendation where a reputable person advocates the candidate helps him get an edge over other competitors.

These are some of the instances where the letter of recommendation plays a major role and will help you understand the importance of letter of recommendation. Aspirants keep certain targets in their mind and then draft the letter in its relevance. A well drafted letter with clearly stated contents is sure to assist you make your dreams come true.

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