Important Points in Letter of Recommendation

Points to pen down before writing the Letter of Recommendation

Writing the letter of recommendation can be a tedious task. It is an essential tool in proving a candidate's worth and supporting his claims of proficiency. The referrer highlights the key qualities of the candidate within the letter and advocates his potentials. Hence, to make the letter effective, it is important that the right qualities and capacities are highlighted in the letter. For this reason, it is essential that one plans and prioritizes the several details one wants to put up on the letter. Read further to find the points to pen down before writing the letter of recommendation.

It is important to understand the purpose and objectives of writing the letter of recommendation, before you start penning down the details. To make the letter effective, target its contents towards the objective. Eliminate any detail that is not in accord with the letter objective and adds to the letter length unnecessarily. Draft the letter in a way that the entire information contributes in achieving the target.

Find out the reader's expectations about the candidate. Try to analyze the different credentials the reader expects in his candidate. Draft your letter of recommendation in accord with several expectations of the recruiter to ensure his attention and preference towards your application.

Key Skills
Jot down your key skills that help you perform quality work within the stipulated time. One can include generic skills that are sought after by everyone. They include skills like leadership, coordination, communication, perseverance, eagerness to learn, etc. Also, include other skills that are related to your field area. It could be knowledge of the related rules and procedures, expertise in skills like designing, calculations or language competency, depending upon your field of interest.

While making an (job or admission) application, there are certain criteria for the reader to select your profile. Among these criteria, qualifications influence the reader's decisions a lot. Having the relevant qualifications display your efficiency at handling the required responsibilities and being competent at excelling under adverse conditions as well.

Note down the different work experiences. Although a detailed account of one's work history is not required in letter of recommendation, one needs to add details of important tasks and responsibilities. One can include references of major tasks handled, exceptional work performance, and representation on behalf of the organization at any event. This helps to convince the reader of the candidate's professional behavior and ability to excel at work.

Achievements are a proof of the candidate's proficiency. It is easier to convince the reader of your abilities, as achievements make your claim of having expertise in different tasks strong. One can include achievements from academic, professional and other fields as well. Compile all your achievements and select the ones that are worth. Some typical instances one can include in letter of recommendation are winning best student or best employee award, achieving or exceeding the set targets successfully, handling project responsibilities, etc.

Extracurricular Activities
This includes the different activities you indulge in as part of your hobby. It could be activities like painting, music, photography or any voluntary work like educating under privileged kids, animal welfare, etc. Discussing one's hobbies or social activities helps to bring out his personality and social behavior traits.

These are certain points to pen down before writing the letter of recommendation. Under these headings, jot down the several points that denote your strengths and select the ones that correspond with the requirements and the purpose of the letter.

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