Language in Letter of Recommendation

Type of Language Used in Letter of Recommendation

Writing an effective reference letter is important in one's career. It is a significant document that helps you put across a positive image of yourself and helps you find the right opportunities. It does the essential task of turning things in your favor by influencing the reader positively. In a recommendation letter, the two factors that affect the purpose and effectiveness of the letter are its tone and the language. Both the factors affect the reader's opinion about you. Hence, one has to be very careful with the tone and language of the letter. Here is some help for candidates to decide the type of language used in the letter of recommendation.

Simple Language
Keep the language simple and easy to understand. Do not use a flowery language in the letter. It is better not to decorate your sentences with unnecessary complex words. The reader may find the ornate language difficult to grasp and understand. Flowery language tends to hamper the readability of the letter. Hence, use simple and easy words within the letter.

Sentence Construction
Construct small and crisp sentences. Avoid using long sentences with too many details clubbed together. Long sentences affect the flow and the readability of the content. While reading a long sentence, the reader tends to misinterpret the meaning of the sentence. Therefore, use small and concise sentences that ensure easy flow for the letter.

Draft and format the letter of recommendation accurately to give the letter a well-structured and well-organized look. Prepare the first draft of the letter by including all the details you find necessary. Edit the first draft of the letter by eliminating the irrelevant details. Ensure each word contributes to the purpose of the letter. Writing a defined reference letter gives a positive image of the applicant. Also, the candidate comes across as focused individual.

Personal Reference
The letter of recommendation should highlight the relation between the candidate and the referrer. Include references where the referrer has personally observed the candidate's work, his efforts, ability to tackle issues and excel in given tasks. The language used in the letter explains the relation between the referrer and the candidate largely to the reader. Instead of beginning the letter with, "I would like to recommend" begin the letter with, "It is my great pleasure in recommending" This form of writing is more personalized and sounds like the referrer means what he says.

Modest Tone
A letter of recommendation speaks of a candidate's abilities and achievements. Ensure that the letter maintains a modest and humble tone while emphasizing on the candidate's key strengths. Refrain from using a boastful attitude in the letter. Such attitude makes the candidate come across as an arrogant person with a superficial attitude. This can harm the candidate's chances of proving his worth. Hence, it is essential to portray a down-to-earth attitude in the letter.

Convincing Tone
The purpose of a letter of recommendation letter is to convince the reader about the candidate's potentials and suitability for the position. Hence, the letter should posses a convincing tone that appeals to the reader. The letter should build confidence in the minds of the reader about the candidate's capacities.

Type of Language not to be used in Letter of Recommendation

Keep the given points in mind while writing the letter of recommendation. We hope the given pointers will help you get a good idea about the type of language to be used in letter of recommendation.

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