Letter of Recommendation for a Service

Things to Take Care while Writing Letter of Recommendation for a Service

A service industry is different from other industries in its nature and role. This is because there is a huge difference between a product and a service, following which there is difference in the way the reference letters for each are written. Given below are the things to take care while writing the letter of recommendation for a service. First, let us understand the nature of a service industry.

Service industry involves those different companies that provide different types of services to consumers. They do not deal with any tangible product. It deals with providing some sort of assistance that consumers seek. The counselors at these organizations provide services by way of guiding, training, coordinating, planning or advising on several issues and help clients in their work. It basically involves sharing of knowledge, skills or facilities.

Following are Some Examples of Service Industries

Basic Details

Include a brief description of the nature, requirements and responsibilities of that particular service industry within the letter. These details should come at beginning of the letter, preferable in the introductory paragraph. Once the reader understands the profile of the service, it will be easier for him to relate to the opinions made in the rest of the letter.


The referrer should mention his reason for approaching that service organization along with the expectations from them. They can include details about the particular reasons for choosing that organization over other competitors. Mention the several features that attracted the referrer towards that organization.

Problem Analysis

Each client approaches the service organization with some purpose in mind. Either they need some advice, get problems solved or plan activities. Irrespective of the purpose, it is the skill of the counselor to understand the requirements of the candidate and help them in their task. Any failure in this task will lead to disappointment for the client. Hence, describe the counselor's skills of being attentive and patient along with their listening and grasping skills.


One approaches a particular service industry for the knowledge and competence they posses. Clients seek their help as they wish to get some work done with the help of their knowledge. Therefore, emphasize on the knowledge and qualifications of the service personnel. The letter should point out the counselor's abilities of applying knowledge to situations effectively.


In the service industry, communication skills are the most essential requirement. Service industry is based on the seller- customer relationship. Hence, stress on abilities of the service personnel to converse articulately at the receiver's level of understanding and to listen attentively. Therefore, while writing the reference letter for a service, give prominence to the communication skills of the service personnel.


Ambience is of equal importance in a service industry. The clients should feel comfortable in the office area. If the office area is dirty, cramped or unprofessional, the candidate would be discouraged from staying in the office. The client should feel welcome and assured that his purpose of approaching the organization would be solved successfully. Hence, analyze the office experience and speak about the comfort it offers.

Listed here are the things to take care while writing letter of recommendation for a service. Include these points and draft an impressive reference letter.

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