Letter of Recommendation for Teachers

Points to Include while Writing Letter of Recommendation for a Teacher

Teaching is a responsible field where teachers provide a strong educational background to young minds. They support students in their intellectual growth and excellence. The contribution of teachers in any student's life is vast. They help them decide their career paths and guide them to achieve their objectives. Teaching is one field that is responsible for other's careers while being a field in itself. If you are planning to make a career in this field, it is important for aspirants to be rightly qualified and trained to help other enthusiasts in their careers. In case job seekers are applying for teaching job, here are the points to be included while writing a letter of recommendation for a teacher's position.

Qualifications are a proof of a candidate's abilities and potentials. Therefore, specifying the qualifications in the letter of recommendation is vital for stressing on one's capacities. One needs dual qualifications to be a teacher. A teaching enthusiast needs to have expertise in his preferred field of study along with strong teaching skills. Stress on both credentials of the job aspirant. For example, a teaching job seeker may have Bachelor's Degree in Biology, Accounting or in any other fields, depending upon their interests. Along with these basic qualifications, they need training in teaching methods and techniques.

The letter should convince the reader of the candidate's ability to mange a class of students. Handling students is a major responsibility that involves understanding their problems, solving issues, making studies easy, helping them handle peer pressure and guiding them in their careers. At times, teachers need to go beyond a teacher-student relationship and help them resolve their personal issues. Teachers need to create a comfort level with their students so that they can speak up their mind or ask their queries without any reservations.

Passion towards Field
Being passionate about your work is an important quality required in performing different tasks accurately. Any recruiter will find this quality important and valuable. Hence, emphasize on the candidate's love towards teaching and their field of interest. Convince the reader of the candidate's interest in particular field, his passion towards garnering more knowledge in it and the skill of passing the same to other enthusiasts.

Unique Qualities
Mention the qualities that make you unique. In teaching profession, each one has a unique style of teaching and coordinating with students. Stress on this personalized way of teaching that makes lessons interesting and appealing for students.
For Example, the referrer can write in following way. The candidate (name) boasts a unique style of teaching. Give examples to explain this. According to the topic, she creates mock conditions in classrooms and asks students to react as per the given situation. It is my personal observation that, this peculiar style of teaching help students to understand the concepts, proceedings, purposes and results of that topic in a better way.

Extracurricular Activities
Any teacher needs to go beyond their teaching abilities and coordinate with their students for different activities. Thus, it is vital that a teacher is creative, innovative and inspiring for their students. A teacher needs to identify the hidden talents of their students and encourage them to pursue them. Hence, stress on the teacher's ability to participate in extracurricular activities.

Include the given points while writing letter of recommendation for a teacher. These points will help the referrer convince the reader of the teacher's potentials and strengths.

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