Letter of Recommendation of Product

Things to take care while writing Letter of Recommendation of a Product

There are several tools of promotion used by the manufacturers to increase their product's demand in the market. The promoters advertise the product through television, radios, internet, posters, door-to-door service etc. One of the essential promotion strategies is to boost the effect of advertisements with a product reference letter. The letter of recommendation of a product helps to make the product more appealing for the users as it involves a direct review of an earlier user. It is easier for the prospective consumers to identify with a previous user, his problems and his expectations. Hence, his opinions and reviews are more appealing and effective in product promotion.

Drafting a letter of recommendation for a product is different from writing one for a person or service. Hence, for your assistance here are few things to take care while writing letter of recommendation of a product.

Opening Paragraph
The letter mostly begins with the statement, "I had the privilege of using (product name). Following the pleasurable experience, I would like to recommend the same for other.", etc Include the name of the product, the manufacturer's name, the product line and other basic details to introduce the product.

Main Body
This paragraph involves the actual review of the product. It should bring out the different qualities of the product that will attract the consumer's attention. Given below are certain points that the letter should be based on. Features: Concentrate on the various features of the product that will make the product attractive for the consumers.

Support each of your praises with proper examples. Mention the different features that are outstanding within the product. Specify the different features that make the product unique and desirable with the consumers, so that readers would view a generic praise nothing more than mere words.

Ending Statement
Always end the recommendation letter with a verdict. It should be a concisely written summary about the product's uniqueness, features and utility. Do not overdo the praise or else the reader will view it as biased or insincere.

Personal Experience
Include your personal experience of using the product. Mention all the expectations, needs and purposes you wished to satisfy from the product. Giving a personalized tone to the letter is important as the reader expects to read your experience and then take his decisions on it.

Contact Information
Always include the referrer's contact information. The reader may want to get in contact with the referrer to clear doubts or get additional information. Mentioning the contact details makes the referrer more approachable for the reader.

Letter Length
The recommendation letter should be at least one page in length with the contents accurately divided in four paragraphs. It is important to draft the letter with proper detailing to make the recommendation letter more effective. Do not be too brief or crispy, as it would make the letter look abrupt.

Follow the given things to take care of while writing letter of recommendation of a product. It is an important aspect in product promotion and hence should be done carefully.

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