Letter of Recommendation Guidelines

Points to emphasize on while writing letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is a letter wherein the referrer supports a candidate's application by stating his views and opinions about the candidate. It presents a detailed evaluation of a candidate's qualities and skills that helps the addressee of the letter understand the applicant's potentials. The purpose of the letter is to strengthen the application of the candidate with the referrer's opinion and goodwill. Letter of recommendation advocates the aspirant's potentials and helps him achieve the set target. In order to help all aspirants' draft this important letter effectively, here are some points to emphasize on while writing letter of recommendation.

Tone of the Speaker
Start the letter in positive and encouraging tone. Do not give a very formal tone for the letter. It gives a feeling that the referrer does not stand by what he says in the letter. Maintain a personalized tone for the letter. The letter should convince the employer that the referrer has personally known you as a person and as student/employee. It is important to bring out the closeness of your association with the referrer to make the letter more effective.

Stress on the Relevant Qualities
The letter should stress on the qualities that the concerned authority expects in this applicants. If it is an employment recommendation letter, it should stress on the applicant's qualities of performing quality work. The qualities should correspond with the key requirements of the job position. If the letter is from a student, then stress on qualities like ambitious outlook, seriousness towards studies and love and passion for your field of interest.

Generic Characteristics
The letter of recommendation should talk of certain qualities that every authority values in a candidate. It mainly includes leadership, communication and coordination skills. It should also emphasize on the candidate's abilities to undertake responsibilities, resolve problems, analyze and interpret data, be consistent and persistent in performing work. Blend these qualities with your area of work to give a better idea of your capacities.

Character Certificate
A letter of recommendation is nothing less than a character certificate. The referrer should advocate the applicant's honesty, sincerity and dedication towards work. No employer would ever select a dishonest or fraudulent candidate, as it would affect the organization's work and repute. The letter should convince the employer about the applicant's clean and true character.

Letter Format
Draft the letter in formal format with proper categories. Divide the letter contents in three parts. The three parts in recommendation letter are opening paragraph, main letter body and the closing paragraph.

A letter of recommendation can bring you a step closer to your dreams. Hence, consider the given points to emphasize on while writing letter of recommendation.

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