Match Up with the Letter of Recommendation

How to Prepare Yourself to Match Up with the Letter of Recommendation?

Shaun is a candidate having creditable qualifications and strong experience to his name. He started with his search for a new job some time ago. With a planned job search strategy along with an impressive resume and letter of recommendation, Shaun managed to get selected for few job interviews. However, while preparing for the interviews, Shaun realized the key to winning the interview would be to exceed the interviewer's expectations. Based on the resume and the reference letters, the interviewer would have made a specific image of the candidate in his mind. They would expect the candidate to posses certain qualities. To help Shaun in this task, given below are the ways to prepare you to match up with the letter of recommendation, such that the candidate meets the expectations of the interviewer.

Carry Your Certifications
Carry all your certifications while going for the interview. Certifications are a proof of candidate's qualifications. They acknowledge that the candidate has completed all the projects, activities, internships and examinations necessary to achieve this certification. The certificates include details like grade, awarding body and year of passing. Employers can use these certifications to verify the qualification details of the candidate. Hence, they play a major role in proving a candidate's qualifications and abilities.

Impressive Conduct and Behavior during the Interview
A well-drafted letter of recommendation puts a positive impression of the candidate, following which the employer expects the candidate to have a pleasant personality. Hence, ensure you dress smartly and professionally for the interview. Reach the interview place on time. It denotes that the candidate is punctual and serious about this job opportunity. Be polite and cordial throughout your stay. No employer would select an ill-mannered or impolite candidate, irrespective of his credentials. Hence, to live up to the positive image set by the reference letter, present yourself smartly and professionally.

Sharpen your Key Skills
Each interviewer will check the skills mentioned in the reference letter. Hence, sharpen your key skills before you appear for the interview. If you have mentioned communication skills as one of your key skills, the candidate needs to prove those in his interview. Ensure you talk fluently, explain your point of view clearly, understand the interviewer's view and are attentive throughout the conversation. Prepare yourself to answer questionnaires related to your skills accurately and prove yourself as the deserving one.

List out Your Responsibilities
The reference letter includes instances of the candidate's work performance and abilities. Often the referrer praises the candidate's abilities of taking initiative, managing risks and meeting targets at work. The candidate has to prove the referrer right by convincing the recipient of his efficiency and dedication towards work. Make a list of the different responsibilities handled by you at different stages of your careers. With this list, it will be easy to answer many work related questions that recipients usually ask. Give examples of the ways in which you handled the tasks assigned to you, how you coped up with the difficulties and the areas you still need to improve.

Listed here are the ways to prepare yourself to match up with the letter of recommendation. Follow these tips to present yourself in accord with the interviewer's expectations and impress them. It will take you a step closer to your dream job.

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