Points to Include in Letter of Recommendation

10 Points to be Included in Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is an effective tool for any candidate in realizing his dreams. The referrer drafts this letter to promote the candidate and help him achieve his goals. For the letter of recommendation to be effective, it needs to be clear, concise and complete. Here, we will help you in drafting a complete recommendation letter. Listed here are the 10 things to be included in the letter of recommendation. These details are essential in any reference letter. Hence, check for them in your reference letter and ensure the letter's completeness.

  1. Date-

    Include the date on which the reference letter has been signed by the referrer. It gives the letter an authentic and professional feel while assuring the recipient that the letter has been drafted recently.

  2. Addressee-

    It is important to address the letter in name of the recipient. You can write Dear Miss/Mr. (last name). State the recipient's name clearly. If the name is unknown, address the letter as to whomsoever it may concern.

  3. Reference Details-

    Include the details of the association between the referrer and the candidate. Specify the capacity in which the referrer is recommending the candidate, the purpose, nature and duration of their association.

  4. Purpose-

    The letter should point out towards the reason for drafting the reference letter. It should clearly mention the details of the opportunity the candidate is seeking. This helps to target the letter in specific direction and also prove the candidate as focused and goal oriented.

  5. Referrer Details-

    Mention referrer details within the reference letter. These details include name, qualifications, achievements and contact details of the referrer. Referrer's profile details help to put a positive impression on the recipient while his contact details help them in conducting background check.

    Candidate details-

    The reference letter is about proving the candidate deserving and suitable for the job opportunity. Hence, it should include the following details concerning the candidate.

  6. Contact Details-

    Do not forget to include your contact details like address, telephone number and email id. These details are essential for the letter recipient to get in contact with you. The letter would be a waste and meaningless without your contact details.

  7. Qualification-

    Stress on the qualifications acquired by you. Include all the degrees, diplomas, certifications and trainings received by you and relevant to the job opening. Also, you can mention the name of the awarding body, year of passing or the grades, whichever is most impressive and if the letter length permits.

  8. Experiences-

    State the details of your work history. Mention the job responsibilities handled by you. Emphasize on those instances where you excelled in your work by exceeding the set targets and performing some exceptional work. This plays a major role in proving your efficiency and dedicated attitude.

  9. Skills and Abilities-

    The letter of recommendation must put forth your key skills and abilities. It should stress on your abilities of performing tasks in required manner and within required time. Skills are unique to every individual and thus will play a crucial role in proving you different from the crowd.

  10. Closing Statement-

    Close the letter with sentences that put a lasting impression on the reader and increase his confidence in the candidate. The referrer can stress on the confidence, he has over the candidate and how his pride in referring the candidate for the opportunity.

These were the 10 things to be included in the letter of recommendation. Go through this checklist before you submit your reference letter, just to be sure the letter you have is complete and perfect.

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