Remember while Writing Recommendation Letter

Things to Remember while writing Recommendation Letter

Letter of recommendation is an important document. It plays a significant role in shaping your career. Be it while securing admission in esteemed institutes or in job search, letter of recommendation helps in putting your best side to the fore. While the resume does the initial task of impressing the employer with your credentials, the recommendation letter helps to add value to your application for the post and close the deal successfully. As the recommendation letter can make or break one's career, drafting an ideal letter is very vital. To assist you in this important task, here are a few things to remember while writing recommendation letters.

Opening Line

The way a recommendation letter opens up talks a lot about the referrer's opinion about the applicant. Hence, make sure the letter opens up in a positive and encouraging tone that emphasizes on the cordial relationship between the applicant and the referrer. For Example: One can begin the recommendation letter with, "It is a genuine pleasure and privilege for me to recommend...."instead of "I would like to recommend......."which sounds formal and disinterested.

Right Reference

Select an appropriate person to recommend you to make the recommendation letter effective. Choose a person who is senior in his position and boasts noteworthy credentials. Such impressive profile makes the recipient take his opinions seriously. It would be better if you have reported to him directly in your association with him. This way he is in better position to give his opinions about the applicant as he is aware of his strengths and weaknesses.

Goal Oriented

A recommendation letter can serve many purposes, be it to gain admission in a particular university or to earn a job. At times, it means nothing more than a mere character certificate. Whatever, is the purpose ensure the letter does justice to its purpose. The personality and the characteristics bought forth by the letter should be in accord with the letter objectives. A goal oriented letter is sure to bring you the desired results.

Complete Details

It is important to present all of your vital details within the reference letter. Present the best of your qualifications, work experiences, skills and achievements. Do not miss on any information that can enhance your profile and improve your chances of getting selected.


Draft the reference letter in simple, clear and professional language. Use of long sentences, flowery language or complex words affects the readability of the letter. Using simple language helps to clear the message of the letter and hence tends to be more effective in its purpose.


Moreover, the positive and encouraging view of the referrer motivates the recipient to read further and makes him curious to know more about the candidate. A disinterested, informal tone of the letter will discourage the recipient from reading the letter. The tone should instill interest in recipient's mind about the candidates.

Closing Line

The letter should close with a summary of the letter contents. Stress on the objectives of the letter. Include the key reasons in crisp language to prove the candidate suitable and deserving for the job. It should denote pride of the referrer in recommending the candidate and his confidence in the candidate's potentials. For Example, I am confident (Name) would give his best in all tasks and would bring laurels to your organization. With dedication and hard work, I assure you he has the potential to meet expectation and excel in work.

These were some things to remember while writing letter of recommendation. Consider these tips before drafting the reference letter to make a purposeful and striking letter. Move closer towards your dream job with these pointers.

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