Recommendation Letter

Tips to Write Recommendation Letter

The important tip while searching jobs is 'well begun is half done'. If candidates plan a job search well and prepare themselves accordingly, the job search will certainly give expected results. An important aspect of job search is preparing resume and recommendation letters. These documents play a major role in any candidate's career. These documents represent the candidate to the interviewer before they have a face-to-face conversation. Hence, according to the image set up by these documents, the candidates face an acceptance or rejection against their applications. Therefore, draft the reference letter skillfully and effectively. You can follow the given tips to write recommendation letters.

Letter Length
Ensure the letter of recommendation does not exceed one page. It would irritate the recipient to read a long letter. Additionally, the letter may appear exaggerated and fake to the recipient due to its length and thus would be less effective in its purpose.

The Receiver
If the name and designation of the recipient is known, the candidate can mention the receiver's name on the top. One can address the letter as 'Dear Mr. /Miss. (last name)'.Alternatively, if the candidate wants to send the letter to different people, the letter should begin with whomsoever It May Concern.

Letter Head
Ideally, print the reference letter on the letterhead of the referrer's organization. This helps to put a stronger impression on the referrer by giving an authentic feel to the letter.

Introductory Paragraph
The letter should begin with an introduction of the candidate and the referrer. This paragraph should include details of the association between the two. It should state the designation of the referrer along with his role and contribution in the candidate's career. Also, include the duration of this association.

Letter Contents
The main body of the letter must contain details of the candidate's strengths and abilities. Include all information of the candidate's qualifications, work experiences, skills and achievements pertaining to the objective of the letter. Draft these contents in way that it proves the candidate as promising and suitable for the position. The letter should stress on the key competencies of the candidate.

Closing Paragraph
The closing paragraph should be an assurance of the candidate's potentials for the recipient. The referrer should instill a sense of pride and confidence in the candidate's abilities. This paragraph should be effective in creating a strong belief about the candidate's capacities in the mind of the recipient.

The Writer
There are three options as to who writes the letter of recommendation - the candidate, the referrer or an expert writer. It is advisable that the candidate writes the reference letter, as he is perfectly aware of the details that should be included in the letter. The candidate would be a better person to relate his strengths and abilities as per the purpose of the letter. Asking an expert or the referrer to draft the letter would also be a good option, as they will ensure you have a professional and impressive letter. If you ask an expert, make sure you provide them with all the details relevant to the purpose of the letter.

Seeking Permission
Seek permission from the referrer if he is willing to recommend the candidate for the opportunity. Candidates cannot write the reference letter in the name of the referrer or include his name in the application without taking his consent for the same. Hence, talk to referrer; inform him about your career plans and the purpose of drafting the letter.

If you want your job search to be a successful one, your every effort should be goal oriented and focused in definite direction. Follow the given tips to write a recommendation letter and catch the employer's attention at first instance.

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