Verify Letter of Recommendation is Effective

Top 5 Ways to Verify that the Letter of Recommendation is Effective

Each candidate writes the letter of recommendation with some purpose in mind. It could be to support a job application, to get an entry into an educational institute or to submit as legal document. With such an objective set in mind, the candidate drafts the letter by relating the contents with the purpose of the letter. Yet, at times, the candidates are confused if their letters are effective or not. Hence, to help the candidates decide if they have drafted an impressive reference letter, we have given here top 5 ways to verify whether the letter of recommendation is effective or not.

  1. Basic Details

    Make sure that the letter of recommendation includes all the necessary details. The basic details include the name, qualifications, work details and achievements of the candidate. Format these details in proper paragraphs and highlight the key details prominently. The referrer's details are equally important for the recipient. Hence, the letter must include the name, designation and other credentials of the referrer. Additionally, the candidate needs to stress on details like how the candidate is in association with the referrer and in what capacity is he recommending the candidate. Without these details, the letter would be incomplete. Hence, include these details to make the letter complete and effective.

  2. Serves the Purpose

    Verify if the letter serves the objective of writing the letter. The letter should prove the candidate as the most suitable and deserving for the position. The different qualities and personality attributes mentioned in the letter should correspond with expectations of the recipient. For example, if the purpose of the letter is to prove you as an efficient student, stress on qualities like sincerity and dedication toward studies, love towards the subject interest. An effective letter will always be the one that fulfills the purpose for which it has been drafted.

  3. Accurate Referrer

    Check if you have selected the right person as referrer, based on certain qualities. It is preferred that the referrer knows you personally. If he knows you personally, he can give a better opinion of your strengths and weaknesses. Even if the reader wishes to talk to the referrer directly, he should be comfortable talking about the candidate. Moreover, if the referrer has impressive credentials to his name, it would be an added advantage for the candidate, as the recipients tends to take the referrer's opinions more seriously.

  4. Relevance with Expectations

    A reference letter is effective in fulfilling its purpose only when the letter contents meet the expectations of the recipient. If the letter has a vague and unclear objective, the recipient would be discouraged from reading it further. Ensure that the letter emphasizes on the qualities, the recipient would find important in his selection process. Draft a career objective that would appeal to the recipient. Meeting the recipient's expectation is a good way of drafting an effective reference letter.

  5. Format

    Ensure that you adopt an appropriate format to write the letter of recommendation. It is essential to draft the letter properly to ensure easy readability and understanding for the reader. Arrange the letter contents in proper format. Divide the contents into three parts - introductory, main letter body and closing paragraph. Do not crowd any paragraph with unnecessary details. Put all relevant details together in proper sentences to ensure a steady flow to the letter. Avoid using flowery language or long sentences within the letter as it harms readability of the letter.

Evaluate your reference letter with the help of above points. We hope that the given top 5 ways will help you verify if the letter of recommendation is effective in its objectives or not.

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