Letter of Recommendation Written by Someone Else

Things to provide if Letter of Recommendation is to be Written by Someone Else

Drafting an effective letter of recommendation is a skillful task. Writing a recommendation letter includes more than just jotting down the positive points of a candidate's profile. To make the letter more appealing and effective in achieving the set target, one needs to plan the letter contents and format wisely. Often people take assistance from expert writers to draft their recommendation letters the ideal way. If you are planning to do the same, consider the following things to provide if letter of recommendation is to be written by someone else.


Inform the writer about the purpose of writing the recommendation letter. The purpose could be to get a job, admission in an educational institute, to win a competition or to submit the letter as part of legal proceedings. Knowing the purpose helps the writer target the letter contents towards the objective of the letter. It helps them portray the candidate in the required way. If the writer is clear about the purpose of the letter, the letter becomes focused and purposeful


Each reader short-lists some qualities as the criteria for selecting the right candidate. If the reader fails to see those qualities within the letter, he would not consider the candidate at all. Hence, inform the writer about the qualities that the reader expects to see in the letter. This will help the writer to direct the letter contents in specific direction and draft the letter in the way that proves the candidate as deserving for the position.

Referrer's Details

The reader is equally interested in knowing the referrer's profile. Hence, provide the writer with the referrer's details like his name, designation and the organization/institute's name where he is working. Give details of how the candidate and the referrer know each other, how old is this association and the nature of this association.


Inform the writer of all the certificates and degrees earned by the candidate. Qualifications help to convince the reader of the candidate's abilities. If the candidate posses the right qualifications, it is an assurance to the reader that the candidate is equipped with the right knowledge and skills required to perform the duties. Hence, keep the writer informed about the candidate's qualifications so that they rightly get highlighted within the resume.


Provide the writer with details of the candidate's professional and academic achievements. Including achievements within the reference letter is necessary to prove the candidate's ability of excelling at work. It provides a proof of the candidate's ability of putting his knowledge and skills successfully into practice. Hence, list out your achievements to the writer so that he chooses the most relevant and important ones and include them within the reference letter.

Key skills

Mention the key skills of the candidate to the writer. Key skills help candidates excel in the work allotted to them. Along with the candidate's major skills, give details of the qualities that make you different from your competitors. This unique quality is a major reason for the concerned person to select you over other competitors.

The given points are important in any reference letter. Hence, in case you are not writing your own reference letter, these are the things to provide if letter of recommendation is to be written by someone else.

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