Academic Honors in Resume

Ways to Highlight the Academic Honors in Resume

Resume is the way of convincing the employer to contact you and arrange for a personal interview. The information in your resume should reflect you. The important points should be highlighted to quickly catch the attention of the employer. After knowing what not to include in the resume, you must also know what should be given special importance. This article gives on overview of the ways to highlight the academic honors in resume.

Skills section is the most important section in your resume to represent your working ability and competency. In addition to skills, there are many other sections equally important in representing your competency that separates you from other applicants. The academic honors can be represented in the educational section or can be listed under different category.

Honors and awards are the great ways of expressing the important achievements and recognitions given to you by your past employers. Mostly, your resume is a subjective representation of your skills and abilities. The award or honor is the proof of your success and adds solid objective to your resume. Your achievements should be listed throughout the resume; however, if you want to draw special attention towards these achievements, you can enlist them in 'Awards and Honors' section.

Awards and Honors in Resume:

Academic Awards: If the awards listed in this section are of academic nature, list them in the education section under separate sub-category. If you are listing the additional awards, list the academic awards first followed by the list of additional awards and honors in chronological order. Also mention the dates of the awards, if possible.

Professional Awards: If you are listing the professional awards and recognitions from your past employer, mention it after the academic awards section. Each statement that you mention in this section should support a fact. Do not write anything in this section by your own.

Additional Awards: You can also mention additional awards and honors other than the academic and professional awards. It is important to keep these awards relevant and timely. Do not list the awards that are older than three years. If the title of the award/honor is not self-explanatory, include the short description about the award/honor.

Should I List Academic Awards and Honors in Resume:

Make sure you describe the award or honor that is not self explanatory. Mentioning the awards and special achievements section in resume will help to highlight your skills, competitiveness and the working ability. There are different ways to highlight the academic honors in resume. Following the proper format while writing each section make your resume more attractive and easily grab attention of the employer.

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