Adding Achievements in Resume

Ways to Add the Achievements in the Resume

'Achievements' is an important part in a resume. It helps to prove your contributions towards the organization and establish your worth as an employee. The resume puts forth your credentials and experience to show what you are capable of. The achievements section helps the employer to know how these qualities will benefit the organization. Hence, writing the achievements section is very important to improve your chances of gaining the interview call. To help you write this section, following are some ways to add the achievements in the resume.

Job applicants can include both professional and academic achievements. Here are some common instances of achievements one can include in the resume.

Professional achievements

Academic achievements

How to Draft this Section

The task involves what all you did and aimed to achieve. Effort includes the ways and means adopted by the applicant to achieve the target. The result should bring out how your efforts benefited the organization. Thus, the achievements sentence should be combination of all three points. Write in cause-effect format. However, this tends to lengthen the resume and put unnecessary emphasis on the achievements section. Thus, applicants have the task of putting up their accomplishments in details without affecting the resume length.

Placement in the Resume Place achievements last within the primary section of the resume that includes objective, experience, educational qualifications and key skills. This information should come before personal details and references as they have secondary importance in the eyes of the employer.

Order of Writing Achievements Write professional achievements more prominently than academic ones because they matter to the employer more. The employer will relate to the work performed and the targets completed by the applicant in his organization more than the percentile scored by him in the university. Applicants can include academic achievements but after mentioning the professional ones.

Mention the Year of Achievement and the Organization Name The employer needs to know the year of achievement and the organization granting it. It is essential to include these two details. It helps the employer know how recent the achievement is and what was your position and expertise at that time. Moreover, it assists him while conducting background check. If you are mentioning multiple achievements, mention the year to mark out the growth and improvement in your career graph.

Use Action Words Using action words help to promote the work done and the targets achieved by you. These words help to explain the task clearly and enhance the importance of the work done. Make sure that you begin the sentence with the verb to create a better impact.

For example

Quantify the Achievements! It is essential to quantify the improvements brought forth by you in the organization. It gives the reader a better idea about the work done by you. Present the information in figures, statistics, percentages, number of members, or units etc to give a clear idea about your accomplishments.

For example

Achievements are one way of impressing the employer with concrete information. The employer may question the skills mentioned in the resume. However, he cannot challenge the achievements, as he can verify them during the background check.

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