Unnecessary Resume Details

Tips to Eliminate Unnecessary Details in a Resume

Lengthy and typical resumes are not a good impression. You tend to bore the reader. To cut down the length of your resume and make it impressive, you first need to learn the things you must add and deduct from your resume. This would not only control the length of your resume, but also make it precise and effective. Hence figure out these tips to eliminate unnecessary details in a resume and double your chance to get an interview.

Don't Get Too Personal

Personal details about you should be limited to your full name, address, email address, contact number and date of birth. Other details like gender, marital status, nationality and age can be ignored. Personal details means your details only and not about your family background.

Pictures or Photographs

You can make your resume creative by adding graphics and pictures. However, such resumes can only be accepted in creative fields. In general, resumes need to look professional. Therefore, pasting your photograph or any creative pictures would not make any sense.

Is Salary on Your Mind

Never write about your salary expectation on your resume. Salary expectation is something you need to discuss and negotiate in person. Already fixing up your expectation on your resume is not acceptable. You never know how good the opportunity could be and you would end up restricting yourself to the salary expectation.

Never State Reason to Quit

Your reason to leave your previous job has nothing to do in your resume. You can always reveal this information when asked by the interviewer and never before that. Whatever genuine reason you may have, it creates a negative impression on the reader's mind until you get a chance to explain. So do not include explanation to leave your prior job.

Irrelevant Information

Irrelevant information could be about your work experience, educational qualifications, skill sets, achievements, extra activities or even hobbies. Do not write about the work experience which you know would not match with your job summary. Try to avoid writing about the knowledge that does not link with your present field. Skill sets and achievements should be the ones which promotes your growth. Extra activities and hobbies can be ignored if they sound common.

Gap in Work

Gap in work or failure in professional life is to be kept confidential. You are not required to disclose this information as far as you prove your capabilities by your work experience, skills and education.

Using Boring Words

Eliminate tedious words like dedicated, sincere, loyal, etc. They do not define your ability. Instead used action verbs like monitored, presented and managed which are also keywords that are used in a resume to get it short-listed. Time has changed and you have to move with the pace. Hence do not sound typical, be innovative and jazzy.

Criminal Records

Writing about your criminal record in a resume is losing an opportunity. Well, honesty is the best policy, but doesn't work everywhere. Besides, there is absolutely no need to write about your immoral activities as there would be further questions that would follow.

Poor Language

Grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and wrong sentence formation are depressing. Even if you are highly qualified and hold extensive experience, your poor language is going to be a barrier. Hence, be very careful and check once you have written.

Reference Information

Last but not the least, references should never be attached with the resume. You can be prepared with the list of references. However, submit them only when asked for.

These tips to eliminate unnecessary details in a resume would help you create a reader friendly resume. Remember to make use of it every time you make or re-make your resume.

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