Using Graphics in Resumes

Should Graphics Be Included in Resumes

In the process of job hunting, your graphic resume is going to play a crucial role. Reason being that the people to whom you would be sending your resume would have already gone through tons of other resumes and so it becomes mandatory to make your resume the most inspiring or else the recruiters won't be even bothered to look at it again. However, before making use of graphics in your resume, you first need to know the complete subject of "Graphics" and then decide if graphics should be included in resumes or not.

What are Graphics?

Graphics are the designs created for an attractive visual presentation. Graphics include drawings, graphs, diagrams, clip arts, symbols and any kind of images with a combination of text, picture and color. Graphics can be practical or creative which clarifies an effective presentation or communication. Therefore, now-a-days graphics are widely used in resumes too. However, when and how is something we need to find out.

Graphics That Can Be Used in Formal Resumes

Formal resumes are the ones which generally involve technical job profiles. However, technical job profiles can also be creatively portrayed and hence you can use the following in your formal resumes.

  1. Graphs and Charts You can emphasize on your achievements by adding graphs and charts in your accomplishment section. Graphs and charts helps in demonstrating the actual and projected performance.

  2. Decorative Headers Instead of writing the headings in plain bold letters, you can add colors to your headings. Don't make it colorful, however use of a single contrast color is acceptable. Besides you can choose to write in different font to highlight the heading.

  3. Icons and Bullets Now-a-days there are different styles of bullets and icons available. Hence, instead of using usual dark circles, you can make use of industry related symbols as bullets. For example, a resume for teaching profession can use pencil icons as bullet points.

  4. Certification Logos If your qualification strongly highlights your certifications and you are allowed to use its logo, then you can add the certification logos in your education column.

Graphics That Can Be Used in Creative Resumes

Creative resumes are the one that are used to represent artistic profession like fashion designer, graphic designer, animator, commercial artists, etc. These resume are not among the usual black and white resumes and are essential for the creative field to catch attention.

  1. Decorative Paper

    Instead of using blank plain papers for drafting your resume, you can use decorative colorful paper to make your background look lively and interesting. You can even use decent combination of two or three colors. However, make sure you do not add too many loud colors by which your content appears lighter than the background color.

  2. Artistic Designs

    You can draw or place artistic abstract, geometric or traditional designs all over your resume which can highlight your creativity in you and promotes your field of imaginations.

  3. Pictures and Images

    Profession like photography, animation, modeling, etc can consist of pictures and images in their resume. By doing so, it reveals your skills of the choice and judges the angles of pictures you have placed.

  4. Personal Logo

    Many individuals are so creative right from themselves that they incorporate designs in their initials and likewise create their own logo. This personal logo can be placed next to your name in the resume.

Avoid the Hazards

  1. Don't Pack Your Resume with Graphics

    The graphics used in your resume should be the marketing tool and not be used for fun sake. Do not make excessive use of graphics in your resume as they would appear a mess. Keep it simple but interesting.

  2. Consider Your Target Viewers

    Choice of graphics completely depends on the target of viewers. You need to study the kind of viewers you would be facing and depending on their acceptability, you need to make use of graphics in your resume.

  3. Heavy Files

    Keep a track on the number of graphics you are adding in your resume as sometimes this could lead to your resume file being heavy. Some graphics are too pixelated and so the file size increases. If the file size increases, it consumes time to open your resume file.

Next time you draft a resume do not think "should graphics be included in resumes?" Keep all these above points in your mind and make use of graphics in your resume accordingly.

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