Customer Service Representatives

Customer service representatives are hired by various types of companies to act as a direct point of contact for customers. They are accountable for ensuring that customer receive a satisfactory service or help with their concerns and questions. These customers may be individuals or companies. The service requirements may vary significantly.

Job Prospect
The major work of customer service representatives is to interact with customers to provide information with respect to inquiries about services or products. They deal with a variety of issues such as resolving complaints. Customer service representatives interact with customers through various means such as mail, fax, telephone, and in person. Some customer service representatives have to deal with general complains and questions.

Some customer inquires involve routine requests and questions. For instance, a customer service representative may be asked to equip a customer with their credit card balance. In dealing with customers' complaints, these representatives should endeavor to resolve the problem according to guidelines set up by the company.

A customer service representative hast to ask questions to determine the validity of a complaint, provide customers with refunds, offer possible solutions, offer exchanges, and offer coupons or discounts. In some cases, customer service representatives need to follow up a customer until an issue is resolved or a question is answered.

Most customer service representatives help people to purchase good types of products or services that suit their needs. They also help customers in completing transactions or purchases. Some representatives spend time motivating customers to purchase services or additional products.

Customer service representatives make changes, update customer's profile, and account information. They may track records of transactions, maintain and update database of information. Some representatives use telephones and computers extensively in their work. These representatives enter information into a computer while speaking to customers.

Companies have utmost amount of data, for instance, account information that is verified on the computer screen to answer the question asked by customers. These representatives have guidelines for coping with complaints. If a representative does not know how to respond, he/she consults with a supervisor to determine the best course of action.

Generally, these representatives use multi-line telephone systems that may route calls to the appropriate representative. In some companies, customer service representatives spend their whole day on the telephone. They also spend some amount of time answering e-mails and remainder of the day taking calls. Some representatives contact customers face to face. Customers service representatives require to be aware of the amount of time spent with each customer so that they can accommodate their time for the people who need their assistance.

In call centers, customer service representatives are under close supervision as telephone calls can be taped and assessed by supervisors to make sure that company procedures and policies are followed properly. Job responsibilities may vary depending upon the industry. For instance, a representative who is working in a bank may assume other workers' responsibilities such as new account clerk and teller. In some insurance agencies, customer service representatives have to communicate with insurance companies, insurance agents, and policyholders. Customer service representatives have to carry out following responsibilities.


Skills Set

Work Environment
Customer service representatives work in various settings. They perform the tasks in areas, which are clean and spacious. Many work in customer contact centers where workers have their own cubicles. These cubicles are well equipped with computer, headset, and telephone. Generally, many call centers are open extended hours. This work requires candidates who are comfortable with performing tasks in early morning, evening, and late night shifts.

Therefore, this occupation is suited to flexible work schedules. Some customer service representatives work part-time. This profession equips candidates with the opportunity for seasonal work in certain industries. This job is often offered through temporary help agencies.

Customer care industry/call centers may be noisy and crowded. At times, work may be stressful and repetitious. On the floor, workers need to lessen the length of each call, however, providing excellent service. Supervisor may tape the calls to ensure that the employees answer customers' question appropriately.

As customer service representative spend ample amount of time typing, sitting, and looking at computer screen may cause muscle and eye strain, headaches, backaches and repetitive injuries. These representatives work in both the types of environment such as in-bond and out-bond services where they interact with customers for a variety of means.

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