Office and Administrative Support Worker Supervisors

Every organization needs effective office and administrative support to execute responsibilities productively. Office and administrative support managers and supervisors coordinate and perform this support. These workers are hired in every area of the economy. They hold different positions such as customer services manager, receiving supervisor, teller supervisor, shipping supervisor, etc.

Job Prospect
The job prospect of office and administrative support managers and supervisors vary considerably, however, they share some common duties. For instance, a supervisor executes administrative works to make sure that their staffs work effectively. These workers ensure that machinery and equipment used are in good working order. When a computer system does not work or a facsimile machine fails, the supervisor tries to solve the problem or summon to repair personnel.

Office and administrative support managers and supervisors have authority to purchase or request new supplies or equipment for their department when required. The major functions of the job comprise of supervising staff and planning work. The work of supervisors is to make stipend for unexpected staff absences.

After distributing work assignments, office and administrative support managers and supervisors examine the work to make sure that it is performed on the prescribed schedule. They also ensure that the work is to meet set quality standards. They may review accounting clerks' performance on a computer and customer service representatives' communication with customers.

A supervisor, while working on larger projects, has to meet with staff members to discuss their progress. Office and administrative support managers and supervisors assess every worker's performance. A supervisor ought to recommend a promotion or an award to the workers who have done good job. On the contrary, if an employee is not performing well, the supervisor needs to discuss the problem with the worker to make out the cause and facilitate the employee to improve and accelerate his or her performance.

A supervisor helps employees to improve their performance by equipping them with special training sessions and personal counseling. When employees do not perform up to the mark even after providing good assistance to them, a supervisor has authority to recommend a transfer or dismissal. Office and administrative support managers and supervisors, generally, conduct interview and assess prospective employees.

When a new employee joins the organization, a supervisor welcomes him/her and equips them with orientation program to explain organization's work culture and job profile. Most supervisors are actively engaged in employing new workers, for instance, by organizing presentations at business colleges and high school. These supervisors may act as the primary link between general public and their offices by means of creating promotional information and direct contact.

A supervisor's primary job is to facilitate and offer training sessions to employees in office procedures and organization. They offer training to new employees in operating office equipment and telephone system. When the organization employs new office equipments and advanced computer software, the supervisor equips employees with training session to enhance their skills required for the job. Sometimes, supervisors invite special trainers to train new employees.

Office and administrative support managers and supervisors quite often serve as a link between the administrative support staff and the technical, professional, and managerial staff. They may perform tasks like reorganizing the work in their respective departments and establishing and implementing new policies in their company. They also inform their officers about progress and potential problems.

Office and administrative support managers and supervisors may have to deal with interpersonal conflict among staff members. A supervisor ought to meet their union representative to discuss work related problems. These workers have to cope with following responsibilities.


Work Environment
Office and administrative support managers and supervisors are hired in various work settings. However, most of them work in clean and spacious offices. Many office and administrative support managers and supervisors work forty hours a week. Sometimes, supervisors may need to work on weekends, nights, and holidays.

Educational Qualification
Most establishments promote office or administrative support workers to fill managerial and supervisory positions. Candidates who have completed a bachelor's degree may get into this field. Candidates who possess good knowledge of computer are preferred.

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