Office Clerks

A general clerk carries out various responsibilities that quiet often change with the requirements of the employer and specific job. Some clerks spend their ample amount of time in keyboarding and filling whereas others enter data in computers. Sometimes, they need to operate fax machines, photocopies, and other office equipments. They proofread documents, prepare mailings, deliver messages, and answer telephones.

Job Prospect
An office clerk has to perform a variety of tasks, which may vary considerably depending upon the nature of work and type of office. An office clerk who works in a doctor's office, for instance, may not execute the same tasks as a clerk in a financial institution or in the office of an auto parts wholesaler performs. However, all clerks may keep payroll records, sort checks, access information, and take inventory.

All clerks carry out responsibilities unique to their respective employer such as creating materials for presentation in an organization, arranging medication in office of doctor, and filling orders received by fax machines.

The responsibilities of a clerk vary by level of experience. Employees who do not have experience are given tasks like stuff envelope, make photocopies, and record inquiries. Experienced clerks, normally, are given additional responsibilities such as set up spreadsheets, maintain financial records, evaluate statistical reports for completeness and accuracy, deal with customer complaints, make travel arrangements, work with vendors, answer questions on functions and departmental services, take inventory of supplies and equipment, prepare budgetary requests or invoices, etc. Experienced office clerks are expected to evaluate and direct the work of trainee clerks.

Work Environment
Generally, most office clerks work in spacious and comfortable office. These clerks work forty hours a week. However, overtime is required during busy periods. In 2006, about twenty six percent of clerks worked part-time. Most clerks work full-time. Some clerks work in temporary positions.

Training and Educational Qualification
Office clerks must have enough knowledge of word-processing, office equipments, and other advanced software. Office clerks are given special training to hone skills required to perform the given tasks. Generally, office clerk jobs are entry-level positions. Candidates who have experience in related field are preferred. Most employers seek for candidates who have completed a high school diploma or equivalent.

Computer knowledge is necessary to enter this field. Candidates must have basic computer skills. Post secondary vocational schools, junior colleges, and high schools provide special training in this area. Candidates who have completed courses in word-processing, office practices, and various computer applications are predominantly helpful.

An office clerk ought to be cooperative and able to work in a team. General office clerks have to work with other office staff. Employers seek for candidates who can carry out various tasks and fulfill the requirements of various departments within an organization. Additionally, candidates must be adaptable; detail oriented, and ought to have good communication skills. Office clerks have to perform following responsibilities.


General office clerks who possess strong analytical, interpersonal, and communication skills my get promoted to supervisory positions within the same organization. Some clerks may turn into different areas such as administrative assistant, secretary, and receptionist. After attaining ample work experience, many office clerks get into jobs that offer them high remuneration.

In 2006, general office clerks held approximately 3.2 million jobs. Some clerks are hired in small businesses. However, they work in every area of the economy. These clerks have been working in different sectors such as health care, local government, support services, social assistance, administrative services, professional, technical services industries, scientific, insurance, and finance.

Job Outlook
Candidates who possess required educational qualification, computer skills, and communication skills have good career prospect in this field. The replacement needs and employment growth in this profession is predicted to result into many job openings for office clerks.

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