Resort Desk Clerks

The attitude and behavior of resort, motel, and hotel desk clerks greatly influence the public's impressions of the company. Desk clerks are also called room clerks and front office clerks. These clerks work in large hotels, motels, and resorts. They are accountable for checking guests, assigning guests to rooms, and giving information about their establishment and its services.

Job Prospect
Front desk clerks need to execute a number of services for guests of motels, hotels, and other lodgings. All desk clerks carry out relatively the same type of responsibilities. Their work may include register arriving guests, allocate rooms, etc. They use computer to keep and maintain records of room assignments and other information related to registration. Desk clerks explain and prepare the charges and receive payments.

Resort desk clerks are responsible to answer questions about checkout times, local community, services, and other things of public interest. Their work is to report problems with public facilities or guest rooms to members of the maintenance or housekeeping staff. In metro cities or larger hotels, desk clerks may deal with complicated questions to the concerned manager.

In smaller motels and hotels, desk clerks may deal with a number of additional responsibilities. They are always accountable for information, front office operations, and services. For instance, they may execute the work of an advance reservation agent, bookkeeper, laundry attendant, telephone switch board operator, and cashier.

Work Environment
In metro cities, hotels are open around the clock. Generally, half of the clerks work forty hours a week. Some clerks work part-time while others work full-time. They need to work in different schedules. These clerks perform their tasks in establishments, which are clean, spacious, and relatively quiet. Some hotels require clerks to have stringent dress guidelines.

Sometimes, desk clerks may experience stressful times. They may face this stress during check-in and check-out times. They also have to deal with this situation when a large group of customers arrive at once. Furthermore, handling irate guests may be stressful. Computer failures may complicate busy time and increase the stress level. Occasionally, desk clerks can be asked to lift heavy luggage of a guest.

Educational Qualification
Most employers seek for clerks who are customer service oriented, mature, friendly, well groomed, self-confident, etc. Most motel, hotel, and resort desk clerks obtain training and orientation on the job. The orientation program comprises of information about the firm and description of the job responsibilities such as keeping guest room clean and neat, checking availability of extra services like fitness and business center, location of services such as restaurants, vending machines, and retail stores.

Most employers offer on-the-job training to their employees. They need to work under the supervision of expert employees or supervisors. New employees are taught how to make reservation using computer, room assignment, equipment, and billing systems. Desk clerks learn company policies and new procedures during the training. Candidates who have completed a degree or certificate program in hospitality management are preferred.

A desk clerk should be energetic, quick-thinking, and able to work in a team. Usually, employers seek for these characteristics while employing desk clerks. A desk clerk must have clear speaking voice. He/she ought to have fluency in English. They must be able to communicate effectively with visitors on telephone.

A desk clerk must possess sound knowledge of English. They need to have good written skills. Moreover, they have good knowledge of computer as it is used to perform their everyday tasks. Candidates possessing the knowledge of a foreign language may be helpful as they require interacting with international customers. These desk clerks have to carry out a variety of responsibilities including:


The increasing number of motel and hotel offer better opportunities for advancement than independently owned and small establishments. Large hotels and motels equip expert candidates with good opportunity to participate in management training programs. The Educational Institute of the American Hotel and Lodging Association offers various courses in lodging management.

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