About Advertising Industry

An advertising industry can provide specialized services, and also act as a full service destination that offers a variety of services. Most people think of advertising agencies as the ones that broadcast commercials on the television or radio, and print work in newspapers or magazines. An addition to this area is the "media" or a particular plan which describe where, how, and when a client's ad is to be displayed in magazines or on the television.

An advertising firm is a marketing communications firm which explores new and modern approaches to promoting a product. Some advertising firms deal in a particular function such as outdoor advertising, sales, direct mailing, retail promotion, sampling, contests, rebates, Internet and digital marketing.

Internet marketing or advertising has brought forth a rapid growth in the industry. With internet marketing or advertising, the industry share increases from 2 percent to 52 percent.

Public relations firms and advertising firms are closely related, though most of the time, they are considered distinct from each other. Public relations experts try to influence public judgment about companies or governmental laws for trade groups through a program of activities. It is useful during a crisis. Also, most of the full service advertising agencies include one or more public relation firms.

The advertising industry has to face keen competition of two types - self-imposed and market-oriented. There are 3 or 4 networks that function within each advertising corporation and they fight for business. Of course, these companies also compete with others outside the holding company. There are a few important factors which come into play such as the former functional relationship with the company or its parent, antagonism from other products in the same field, and the client's ability to contribute.

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