Challenges in Advertising Careers

The Advertising industry is evolving. Though, some people disagree with it, the advertising industry is definitely changing. This change is visible in the terms of push v/s pull. Also, brand is controlled by an individual rather than a company or manufacturer. The interruption model is now changing to the invitation model.

However, there is no second opinion about the fact that Internet or digital connectivity is reforming the way in which advertisers attract their audience. Today, the advertising industry seeks a new business model.

However, there are a few changes in a television advertisement as compared to the advertisement displayed on computer screens, cell phones and BlackBerries. Advertisers are striving to endorse their brands through means of digital continuum including search engines, Second Life (SL), blogs, widgets, YouTube, RSS feeds, social networks, text messages. Digital advertising constitutes about 25 percent of the industry revenue, and it is bound to increase in the coming years. So, it important to get used to this type of advertisement. This is also called as interactive marketing.

From the last few years, the advertising sector is growing at a rate of 20 percent, and at the same time individual companies are witnessing an increase in their revenue by 50 percent or more which is common.

However, advertising firms are slow to adapt to these changes. However, there are signs that they are slowly but surely responding to such changes. An advertising company named "Publicis" lately announced that they are expecting 30 percent of revenue from internet or digital advertisements by 2012.

Those companies which are already on the digital bandwagon are experienced enough to point out the elements that matter most to advertisers, such as how many people actually view a product's commercial, and whether it is possible to attract them through electronics means. There is also an uncertainty around some apparently essential statistics like unique site visitors and page views.

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