Aerospace Careers

The Aerospace career has a wide scope and one can specialize in areas like structural design, navigational guidance, control systems, or production methods or in a particular product like passenger planes, military aircrafts, satellites, helicopters, rockets, etc.

They specialize in the fields like designing, construction, development, operation, testing and maintenance of regular aircrafts and military aircrafts, spacecrafts, satellites and missiles. Thus there are wide varieties in aerospace career, so it is a challenging job. An Aerospace engineer needs to be alert, and needs to be a good observer with great problem solving abilities to sustain in this career.

In the Aerospace career, there are different tasks that are carried out. They are as follows:-

To enter into aerospace career, generally a bachelor's degree is needed. A bachelor's degree like B.E or B.Tech or postgraduate degree in Aeronautical or aerospace science is the basic qualification for those who want to be aerospace engineers. The master's degree in engineering or management is as an added advantage to achieve senior positions. Those having bachelor's degree in electronics, science, mathematics, or physics also find opportunities in this field.

Others with a Diploma in related aerospace studies provided by Polytechnic or other technical institutes are also accepted. The knowledge of subjects like mathematics, physics, computer science, electronics, and mechanical drawing is also beneficial to study the operation of aircrafts.

Other necessary skills:-
The skills that are necessary to get into an Aerospace career are as follows:-

Place of work:-
In the Aerospace career, one has to work in national, international, private and public Airline services as well as aircraft manufacturing units. Those in satellite research mostly work in satellite workstations, or research labs.
Aircraft technicians usually work 40 hours a week, but working for long hours and on weekend s common in this career.

Job Opportunities:-
The Aerospace career has wide scope in most of the countries. In India, the aerospace engineers work with different airlines like Air India, Indian Airlines, Helicopter Corporation of India, and may more.

Some of the aerospace technicians are ale needed in following areas of work:-

In the Aerospace career, the starting salary for a fresh graduate is higher as compared to other graduates in other fields. The salary also depends on the type of aerospace job, employer, performance and aptitude and the basic qualification. The salary in private sectors is decided by the management of the company and is same as that paid in government and public sectors. However, those having engineering degree and management degree get a good salary at the starting. Those working with Airline services, get benefits like free travel by airways for self and their family members, and many discounts or gifts.

Job Progress:-
In the Aerospace career, the candidates who are fresh graduates work as engineer trainees, junior engineers or assistant researchers or assistant technical officer. Those in Aircraft maintenance job work as aerospace technician and others in Airlines may also join as pilot trainees. Depending on the performance, and background knowledge they are given training in specialized aircraft maintenance, testing or support section. For promotions they have to appear for departmental examinations. They can be promoted to administrative or executive positions or can also be a consultant. Senior aeronautical engineers are assisted by junior engineers, aircraft technicians for maintenance of aircraft frame, engine, and other technical related fittings. Those in satellite research work, advance by becoming senior research scientists.

Employment forecast:-
In the Aerospace career, the employment growth is expected to grow faster as compared to other occupations; however, it also depends on the specialty they choose. With the increase in population, the need for airways is also going to increase. With the necessity for the safety of the nation, the defense system should be strong and have more number of military aircrafts, planes. So the demand for aeronautical engineers, aircraft technicians, and other related aerospace jobs is going to increase tremendously in coming years. Those with background of aerospace engineering are expected to have more demand in aerospace related jobs.

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